Data Intelligence and Automation

Identify, classify, optimize, and move unstructured data no matter where it resides. Learn what data intelligence is and how it can power your organization.
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The Unstructured Data Platform

Identify, classify, optimize and move your unstructured data, so you can do more with it – and do it more efficiently and cost effectively. The Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation Platform simplifies unstructured data management, enabling you to more easily tap into the value of your data. Structured data is the key to an organizations success. Learn the difference between structured vs. unstructured data today.

Manage Data Without Complexity

Take control of out-of-control unstructured data.

Unstructured Data Identification

Find your unstructured data* across any NAS, endpoints, servers, or cloud
Identify ROT (redundant, obsolete, and trivial) data, dark data and data outside of required retention SLAs
Identify risks found with data that is outside of required SLA's
Provide critical insights to help guide next steps in data management
Eliminate data silos and create a single source of truth

Unstructured Data Classification

Understand the business relevance of data based on the classification of files
Tag data to accelerate data searches
Streamline data governance
Identify files that contain personally identifiable information and expose confidential business data that might be at risk
Control data access
Organize your data to more quickly derive value from it.

Unstructured Data Optimization

Take control of data lifecycle management
Leverage automation to drive efficiencies
Simplify data governance and compliance
Reduce costs, complexity and storage footprints through defensible disposal of ROT or other unnecessary data
Ensure appropriate data access
Reduce the time-to-insight and accelerate analytics projects with better data sets.

Unstructured Data Movement

Manually or automatically move data from anywhere to anywhere with no egress fees
Copy, move, or delete data without disruption
Take advantage of cloud tiering and optimal data storage options
Help ensure compliance with requirements for data movement and retention
Take advantage of cloud tiering and optimal data storage options

Fueling competitive advantage with our partner ecosystem.

The Aparavi Partner Program connects our valued customers with world-class data intelligence solutions and services. Together with our partners, we address top industry challenges like solving the data silo problem, and help our customers reduce risk and cost.
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