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We Help Organizations Find and Unlock the Value of Unstructured Data No Matter Where It Lives



  • Aparavi puts you in control of your data with knowledge and breaks down data infrastructure silos.
  • Now manage and have insight into the state, placement, and availability of your data to reduce risk, improve protection, and automate compliance without compromise.


Reduction & Avoidance

  • With a new level of data insight, search within unstructured data content, classify, purge, and move data based on your business or compliance policies.
  • Easy orchestration of your data enables significant data consolidation, which reduces cost and improves application experience and performance without disruption to existing applications.


Creation & Insights

  • Aparavi enables intelligent selection and automation of data with easy movement to any number of cloud targets.
  • Create a highly scalable, virtual Aparavi Data Lake with open and secure access for new applications, business analytics, application and end-user collaboration, machine learning, and more.

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Why Aparavi?

Managing Unstructured Data Without Complexity

Aparavi is THE Data Intelligence and Automation Platform. We help organizations find and unlock the value of data, no matter where it lives. Our cloud-based platform finds, automates, governs, and consolidates distributed data. We ensure secure access for modern data demands of analytics, machine learning, and collaboration. Aparavi connects business and IT to transform data into a competitive asset.​

Simple Steps

step 1

unstructured enterprise data, no matter where it lives, to reduce risk, cost and gain insights

  • Find ALL your unstructured data* across any NAS, endpoints, servers, or cloud​
  • Locate and defensibly dispose of ROTN (redundant, obsolete, trivia, no-value) data
  • Identify personal or sensitive data with 140+ pre-defined policies like GDPR or HIPAA without a law degree

step 2

data with intelligence to identify value, data risk and demonstrate compliance

  • Identify & evaluate unstructured data with ease**
  • Easily classify data automatically with pre-defined data policies and define your own
  • Take regulatory policy-based actions on data

step 3

data and storage, reducing cost, risk, and complexity while improving application performance

  • Consolidate, copy, move, or delete data by policy without disruption​
  • Reduce costs and complexity by ~30-40% through defensible-disposal of ROTN (redundant, obsolete, trivial, no-value) data
  • 4:1 reduction of data management tools and complexity – fewer licenses and renewals and less cost

step 4

data with open and secure access for new applications, business analytics, machine learning, and more

  • Secure easy access to organized content by end-users and applications***​
  • 3rd party application access through secure API for AI, ML, advanced analytics, reporting, and more​
  • No data movement required or egress fees to access data in the cloud​

* 80% of enterprise data is unstructured (IDC​)
** 66% of enterprise admitted have limited understanding of the value of their own corporate data (IDC)​
*** 31% of workers frustrated by knowledge locked away in unstructured documents​ (IDC)

Solution Use Cases

Dark Data Detection & Intelligent Classification

Discovery and Automated Classification

Reveal hidden data, to identify valuable data assets, and ROTN data to take action on that will reduce risk, cost and leverage your data for business insights and new revenue streams

Automated Data Compliance​

Governance, risk, and compliance

Simplify compliance and automate data governance rules with smart policies. Quickly find the information you need to respond to information requests and demonstrate compliance.

Intelligent Data Privacy

Data privacy

Locate personal, sensitive and confidential information with ease, to respond to DSAR or other information requests, and demonstrate compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FCRA, GLBA and more.

M&A: Accelerate Data Discovery & Integration

M&A Discovery

Locate distributed data to withhold, or defensibly-dispose of ROTN data.  Automatically classify, take action on data including delete or migrate data to prepare for ‘M&A synergies’

Legal: Data Collections, Holds & Investigations

Data risk reduction

Eliminate the administrative burden of legal holds, collections and internal investigations, to easily find the relevant information you need to support your arguments, so you can make informed business decisions based on the facts.

Data Health & Optimization

Storage optimization

Rapidly reduce data infrastructure by 15-45% and a 4:1 reduction in data management tools.   Improve primary application performance along with IT consolidation, cost reductions and secure access to archived data with no egress fees


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