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Your Data with Insight

Aparavi puts you in control of your data with knowledge and breaks down infrastructure and data silos. With Aparavi, you can now manage and have insight into the state, placement, and availability of your data to address information continuity, cost, and compliance without compromise.


Your Data Economics & Scale

With a new level of data insight, search within unstructured data content, classify, purge, and move data based on your business or compliance policies. Easy orchestration of your data enables significant IT and data consolidation, which reduces cost and improves application experience and performance without disruption to existing applications.


New Application Experiences & Value

Aparavi enables intelligent selection and automation of data with easy movement to any number of cloud targets. Create a highly scalable, virtual Aparavi Data Lake with open and secure access for new applications, business analytics, application and end user collaboration, machine learning and more.

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Data Chaos, Risk & Opportunities

Uncontrollable Data Sprawl & Duplication
Data is continuously shared, and new versions are created and copied. No longer in one place, data is spread far and wide, duplicated time after time on endpoints, NAS, servers, and in the cloud, making it even more complex and harder to find or manage. ​

Traditional Data Management Is Making It Worse
Additional inaccessible copies of data are created, including by legacy backup software, which creates numerous data sets that are rarely accessed but kept for many years. Archive software moves or copies data without an easy way to access it, and both lack data intelligence to find, understand and all the data elements and take a policy-based action. ​

Risk Acceleration
Without data intelligence to truly understand where the data is, who or what has access to it, how many copies are out there, or what versions of the same data exist, many organizations are easily left wide open to data leakage, resulting in the loss of intellectual property and severely damaging a company, agency, and individuals. It is difficult to manage and control your data if you don’t know what exists!​

Waste in Managing Garbage
IT and data consolidation is far from highest priority for many organizations, who are too busy trying to keep data available. However, they continue to blindly replicate for disaster recovery and make numerous backup copies, typically in storage or application silos. Without understanding the data, organizations continuously copy old, irrelevant, worthless data that costs millions. ​

Aparavi® Transforms Data Chaos into Intelligent Information Availability that Fuels Innovation and Accelerates Knowledge​

The Aparavi Platform offers simplicity, lower costs, lower risk, and greater insight to data-driven companies, with intelligent search and advanced automation to help users classify, protect, and optimize their data from the edge, on-premises, and across hybrid and multi-cloud storage to break through data silos and transform and simplify operations.

Aparavi answers today’s most demanding data challenges through a single platform for data intensive use case and new open secure access for additional applications in the cloud.


Intelligent Discovery & Classification

Easily search many data sources, including metadata and full content, across NAS, clouds, and endpoints.


Intelligent Retention & Access

Take advantage of policy-driven, automated data movement to any cloud, with secure, open API access for new uses of the data. Create an organized data lake.


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Easily find and automate classification of content with 120+ industry and vertical specific policies by regulation.


Legal Data Collection

Reduce collection time by 90%, with 400% faster search time.


Data & Storage Optimization

Reduce and prevent cost and improve application performance without disruption to existing applications.

We believe there is enormous opportunity for information insight when we make order out of data chaos. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more.


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