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Your Data with Insight

Aparavi puts you in control of your data with knowledge and breaks down infrastructure and data silos. With Aparavi, you can now manage and have insight into the state, placement, and availability of your data to address information continuity, cost, and compliance without compromise.


Your Data Economics & Scale

With a new level of data insight, search within unstructured data content, classify, purge, and move data based on your business or compliance policies. Easy orchestration of your data enables significant IT and data consolidation, which reduces cost and improves application experience and performance without disruption to existing applications.


New Application Experiences & Value

Aparavi enables intelligent selection and automation of data with easy movement to any number of cloud targets. Create a highly scalable, virtual Aparavi Data Lake with open and secure access for new applications, business analytics, application and end user collaboration, machine learning and more.

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Data Privacy and Compliance
"Aparavi can service ‘Right to be Forgotten’ requests because of it’s rich metadata…IT merely searches for all occurrences and removes them."
George Crump Storage Switzerland
Intelligent File Retention
"The real value of Aparavi is that it allows cloud archiving to be feasible and cost effective."
Bob Youngquist AMPD GameTech
"We like Aparavi because it lets us choose the right cloud services for our and the customer’s needs and budget."
Ron Fairchild Cogent Business Solutions
Data Aware Cloud Backup
"Aparavi has helped us greatly with our client's initiatives to move data to the cloud for long-term retention. With these new features we can more easily organize and manage the vast amounts of data stored, and find specific data as needed by an organization. It’s a real game-changer."
Brian Ricci Pinnacle Computer Services
"As an organization that specializes in cybersecurity and compliance products, Aparavi fits right into the inventory we aim to have. Having them in our repertoire makes us stand out even more."
Jonathan Schwam Core82

Automated alerts and defense


Air-gapped copies in multiple clouds


Near instant data recovery


Mountable file recovery


Data insight and governance


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