Aparavi Active Archive
Intelligent Data Management of Unstructured Data
Reduce your secondary storage growth by up to 75%
Open up your data for future use, whatever that might be!

What’s an Active Archive?

Your backup was not designed to do this, it needs help! Check out our 90 second video on our new approach to an old problem. Aparavi delivers multi-cloud intelligent data management for unstructured data.

Why Aparavi?

Millions of files

Designed specifically to handle massive unstructured data growth with millions of files


Architected with multi-cloud agility, mobility, and management


Stored in an open data format and with dynamic cloud migration


Delivered as a SaaS-based solution with no up-front fees and based on usage

Intelligent Multi-Cloud Data Management Made Easy

Huge cost savings

Lower secondary storage by up to 75% and leverage cloud economics

Storage and cloud mobility

Any combination of public, private, or hybrid cloud with easy ability to move at any time

No software or cloud lock-in

Open data format with multi-cloud mobility removes vendor lock-in

Intelligent data management

Data classification and full-content search for access and insight into your data

How does it work?

Aparavi is Active Archive-as-a-Service

Aparavi Active Archive helps organizations master out of control unstructured data growth with intelligent multi-cloud data management. Delivering both on-premises and multi-cloud mobility, Aparavi delivers true storage independence, and together with an open-data format removes vendor lock-in forever. Aparavi slows secondary storage growth by 75% with guaranteed availability regardless of how long data is retained, and pays for itself in reducing secondary storage spend. A pay-as-you-go model based on usage eliminates up-front expenditures for a better total cost of ownership.

Redefining Active Archive for Managing Massive Unstructured Data Growth

Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to secure

Start small and scale to petabytes

Open Data Format

Ends vendor lock-in and ensures data is recoverable with open source tools for ultimate long term flexibility.

Multi-Tier and Tenant

Built for flexibility in scaling midmarket companies and service providers.

Patented Multi-Cloud Retrieval

single view point in time recovery and retrieval regardless of storage locations eliminates requirements to recover a base file and increments.

Cloud Active Data Pruning

Actively removes redundant files and portions of files when not required for recovery operations, no matter where they reside.

Multi-Cloud Agile Retention

End Cloud lock-in, and enable storage between diverse clouds without worrying about complexity or recovery.

Policy driven

Regain compliance of all systems. Apply global, group, or custom policies to ensure no critical data is missed.

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