Aparavi Transforms Data Chaos Into Intelligent Information Availability That Fuels Innovation and Accelerates Knowledge
We put you in control of your data with knowledge and break down silos. With Aparavi, you can now manage and have insight into the state, placement, and availability of your data to address information continuity, cost, and compliance without compromise.

Leadership Team

Adrian Knapp

Founder and CEO

Rod Christensen

Rod Christensen


Gary Lyng, Aparavi

Gary Lyng


Tania Williams, Aparavi

Tania Williams

Vice President Human Resources

Jay Hill, Aparavi

Jay Hill

Vice President Customer Success

Darryl Richardson, Aparavi

Darryl Richardson

Chief Evangelist

Peter Worsnop

Peter Worsnop

Vice President Strategic Alliances

Gregg Karas, Aparavi

Gregg Karas

Head of Product

At Aparavi we take the problem of data management seriously.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun while we do it.  Watch what happens when Tommy drinks all his brother’s Big Data Cola.