About Us

We enable organizations to master their unstructured data with intelligent, multi-cloud data management. Our design principles are to deliver control over your data, with freedom from vendor lock-in, simplicity in management, and value in return.
Keep your data. Just do it better.

Aparavi Management Team

Adrian Knapp, Founder and CEO

Rod Christensen

Rod Christensen, CTO

Victoria Grey, CMO, Aparavi

Victoria Grey, CMO

Darryl Richardson, Aparavi

Darryl Richardson, Chief Product Evangelist

Jay Hill, Aparavi

Jay Hill, Vice President Customer Success

Tania Williams, Aparavi

Tania Williams, Vice President Human Resources

At Aparavi we take the problem of data management seriously.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun while we do it.  Watch what happens when Tommy drinks all his brother’s Big Data Cola.