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Multi-talented with an eye for the big picture as well as the small details? That's exactly the case for Heidi Just, Chief of Staff at Aparavi, right hand of the management and responsible for internal organization and communication. The Munich native has worked in various areas in the past, but one central theme has always accompanied her: Sustainability. Whether it's eliminating plastic or going paperless - she's always finding new ways to do a little more for the environment. Accordingly, she will also push this aspect as part of the Aparavi advisory board and also promote its further development with commitment.

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"With Aparavi you don't have to fudge your CO2 numbers anymore, you can create honest facts!"

Heidi Just

Get to know our new Board member Heidi Just

Data management with Aparavi: When sustainable action is suddenly easy

As someone who has been working in the regulatory environment for several years, I know that companies have to work and do more and more IT- and tool-driven work in this area as well. Many are slowly outgrowing their data - so it's becoming more and more difficult to take care of DSGVO compliance manually, for example. That's why I find Aparavi, a provider that simplifies and automates data management, very exciting and was happy to accept the invitation from their CEO EMEA Gregor Bieler to join their Executive Board.

I believe that there are many intersections between my activities, in the areas of regulatory issues and the forensic search of data that Aparavi enables based on policies and guidelines, and I want to contribute to this. For example, I founded a certification company for data protection with a current focus on eMobility and autonomous driving, because trust, security and transparency are enormously important in this area in particular. I'm also currently in the process of setting up a matching platform myself, which will initially bring together data protection specialists, tax consultants, auditors, lawyers or IT security experts with companies for projects that have a need for these positions and are struggling in this area. Of course, data plays a super important role in this, so that the matching is as successful as possible for all sides. Accordingly, I am of course heavily involved with data and data-driven tools, and I see that there is currently a momentum building that Aparavi can capitalize on. Therefore, I look forward to a lively exchange on these and other aspects with the other members of the board.

Sustainability is sometimes easier than you think

Whether it's doing away with plastic in restaurants or paper in the office - if there's one thing I've learned in my previous positions when it comes to the acceptance of sustainability measures, it's that they should hurt companies and employees as little as possible and ideally even improve everyday working life. Aparavi's solution fully meets all points: companies can use it to delete useless data in no time at all - their employees won't miss it (in case of doubt, they've long forgotten about its existence anyway) and can find really relevant information much faster in the future. At the same time, companies save electricity (and, of course, costs) that would have been incurred to store this data. Less power consumption means less CO2 emissions, in other words: everyone wins with sustainable data management.

We should all think and, above all, act more sustainably, but the latter doesn't always have to be time-consuming, arduous or expensive; on the contrary. Sometimes, however, the solution, like deleting unnecessary data, is so simple that we don't even think about it - I want to change that.

An advisory board thrives on diverse voices

Data management is a topic that affects companies of all sizes and industries and is closely linked to many other factors. With the current composition of the Advisory Board, we have excellent coverage of these - each of us covers one or more topics with which we are not only familiar, but which are also close to our hearts - like sustainability in my case. This makes us a great complement to each other as an advisory board and we will support Aparavi in the best possible way.

Through my role as Chief of Staff at Aparavi, I know that companies need both an overview of the big picture and the small details to make the right decisions. I believe that as an advisory board we can support Aparavi in exactly this with our knowledge and different experiences and I expect intense, exciting and insightful discussions in our meetings.

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