Sabine Klisch

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What do data and marketing have to do with each other? Quite a lot, says Sabine Klisch. Thanks to 25 years of professional experience in the B2B tech industry, she knows that no company can be successful today without making use of its data in all areas. As part of the Aparavi Advisory Board, she therefore wants to drive Data-Driven Marketing in particular and support the further development of marketing and sales processes. In addition, the marketing expert worked abroad for 15 years and will therefore also advise Aparavi on the implementation of its international expansion.

"Over the last two or three years, "data" has emerged as the big trend - hiding business-critical information, key insights and promising leads."

Sabine Klisch

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Sabine Klisch

Qualified leads are unthinkable today without data-driven marketing

If you've been in the tech industry for 25 years like I have, you've seen a lot in that time: the IT boom of the 1990s and its end with the bursting of the dotcom bubble in early 2000, and of course digitization, which has fundamentally changed our work and our lives in general. In the last two or three years, "data" has emerged as the big trend - hiding business-critical information, important insights and promising leads.

Many companies are overwhelmed by the mass of data and its many uses. Aparavi wants to change that - with its solution, the company simplifies data management and ensures that all employees can understand and use the data available to them, especially unstructured data. I find this approach highly exciting, especially because in my daily work environment I deal exclusively with structured data and the marketing of its synthetic generation. That's why I was delighted to be invited by Gregor Bieler to join the Aparavi advisory board and contribute my expertise there.

Digitization has permanently changed the purchase decision process

Based on my experience, my focus at Aparavi will be very much on consulting in terms of marketing strategy and processes. I will support the team in branding and communication as well as in demand generation and growth marketing. For a long time, I was employed by SaaS companies, which by their very nature are data-driven in all areas. Accordingly, working with data and implementing data-driven marketing is a common thread running through my career, and I know that today it is no longer possible without it.

After all, in recent years, increasing digitization has massively changed the way buying decisions are made in B2B companies in Europe as well - and with it the role of marketing. Touchpoints and pre-qualification of leads, which were traditionally the responsibility of sales, now fall under the purview of marketing. But it's only through the data that companies receive in the process that marketing can actually successfully qualify these leads and hand them over to the sales team. At Aparavi, I want to help further develop and scale the marketing and sales processes for this.

In addition, I have a very strong international focus. I spent 15 years abroad working for international companies and, for example, managed the global marketing of a telematics provider from South Africa, which developed into a leading global player during this time. I also want to contribute this experience as a member of Aparavi's advisory board, because the company has set itself ambitious goals at the international level.

Many perspectives, one goal

I am very much looking forward to working and exchanging ideas with the other members of the Aparavi Advisory Board - I think we are a good mix with our very different expert knowledge, which, however, complements each other in a meaningful way. Different perspectives are incredibly important for companies to be successful, today more than ever. We will offer these to the management team around Gregor Bieler, so that Aparavi can achieve its ambitious goals even faster.

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