Thorsten Herrmann

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With over 25 years of experience, Thorsten Herrmann knows his way around the IT industry. A salesman through and through, he is now General Manager Enterprise Commercial at Microsoft, where he is responsible for key account business. Therefore, he brings his practical knowledge of sales processes and structures as well as current changes in the market to the Aparavi Advisory Board. Due to his employer and his own commitment, the topic of productivity and how data can contribute to it is also very important to him.

"We live in the age of data, but managing it is becoming an ever greater challenge"

Thorsten Herrmann

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Thorsten Herrmann

Data is the key to productive work

From my daily work, I know how important different perspectives are in order to further develop companies and continuously improve products. That's why I recently joined the new Advisory Board at Aparavi, a provider of data management solutions, to contribute my perspective. Gregor Bieler, the CEO EMEA of Aparavi, and I know and appreciate each other from our time together at Microsoft, where we had more than one exciting discussion and our strengths always complemented each other well.

But it was not only this personal level that convinced me to join the board, but also Aparavi itself. We live in the age of data, but its management is becoming more and more challenging. Aparavi offers an answer to this and I am looking forward to giving impulses together with my colleagues in order to further develop the company.

New information flows distribute knowledge to the right places

From my experience, two topics are particularly important to me: productivity and the sales strategy. It should be well known that the first is a core issue for Microsoft. We want to help dissolve boundaries within teams and create hybrid work environments that promote productivity and creativity in equal measure. To do this, we need new information flows so that all employees receive the information in the way they need it for their respective roles. So companies need to ask themselves: what data do they need to collect, connect, analyze, and how can it be presented to generate relevant information and share knowledge?

I believe that Aparavi can make a valuable contribution at this point - because the prerequisite for working with data in a targeted and comprehensive way is to know what data is available in the first place and where it is located. However, the more data a company collects and generates itself, the more difficult this becomes. At the same time, there is often a lack of knowledge about what kind of questions to ask and what kind of subject complexes to look for in order to find needed data. Aparavi can help build a framework to narrow the search corridors so that companies are more quickly able to make full use of their data.

IT departments are no longer gatekeepers

In addition, I will be supporting Aparavi in terms of aligning their sales strategy, as I have been in this space for a good 30 years. For some time now, decisions affecting IT strategy have no longer been made solely in corporate IT departments. The digital transformation has ensured that other departments are now also becoming more involved with IT solutions and, on the one hand, are generating more and more data themselves and, on the other, want to use data-driven, digital business models. Accordingly, they decide for themselves, or are at least significantly more involved, which solutions they use to meet their needs. For providers, however, this means that they have to change their approach. In addition to technical details, the actual benefit for customers is crucial. Sales teams today need to show how their technology adds value, and they need to do this individually for each industry and company. I want to play a role on the Advisory Board so that Aparavi can do just that, and I'm looking forward to discussing our different experiences in the round.

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