Aparavi Helps State and Local Government Agencies Know Their Data

Organizations in state and local governments face data issues that aren’t completely unique to government. They’ve got a lot of data that may or may not be valuable. They’ve got even more data coming in. They’ve got plans to move some applications and data to the cloud, but they want to make sure they do it right. And they’ve got real concerns around security and data privacy risks. We talk about these concerns in a bit more detail in a Solution Brief that you can find on our web site.

While state and Local government organizations have budget concerns just like commercial shops, they face procurement and budget issues that are a bit different than private industry. Budget cycles can be very long– one year or even two years in some states where the legislatures only meets every other year. Key government priorities like cybersecurity, digital government services, or cloud migration get into the budget at that level.

Aparavi recently presented a Webinar focused on common problems State and Local Government agencies face with unstructured data. The webinar featured David Clark, Founder and Managing Partner of Allegiant Strategies Group, along with Shawn Lieu, our top Technical Director in the field. It’s worth a viewing if you haven’t seen it yet. You can find it here.

We were really lucky to get David to help us out with this project as he really knows his way around state and local government. A quick look at his LinkedIn bio shows years of experience with the State of Florida government running large organizations and even his military experience is focused on personnel and operations. Since leaving government, he has focused on helping businesses understand the unique requirements around government, especially regarding data and IT. In short, he knows how to get things done in government IT organizations. Between David and Shawn, they’ve spoken with a ton of state and local government managers and IT administrators, and they have some good stories to share.

One of the things David talks about is how a lot of the time, important-but-not-urgent or not photogenic projects never have a chance to get started. Figuring out what’s on that filer you inherited from Public Works? Not gonna make the list. Finally building that data organization and classification model that’s been needed for years? Nope, not that one either. And since the teams know that they aren’t going to begetting expensive tools or consulting projects, they vow to do the job themselves. Manually. Soon. Maybe next month. OK definitely next year.

Good thing you can get a free trial of Aparavi then. Yep, free. We’ll help you set it up on your servers and walk you through how to use it on your data. You’ll see that you’ve probably got a bunch of files that no one has touched in years and that you can safely delete. We’ve seen organizations who find that close to 60% of their data is trash. How much money and time would you save with 60% less data to look after? You’ll see that some files have privacy data that you didn’t expect to have privacy data. Now you know it’s there, so you can mitigate that risk. And you’ll see how easy it is to organize and categorize your data, making that cloud migration project happen faster and easier.

And if it looks like it will work for you, you can probably get Aparavi for your first project for well under your spending authority.

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