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Save your clients up to 40% on their data footprint and expand your service offerings

We’ll say it again: data is out of control. Organizations are dealing with seeming unsurmountable challenges resulting from the rapid growth in data – much of it unstructured, in a variety of formats, coming from multiple sources and residing across numerous locations. They’re hard-pressed to leverage the full potential of their data because they don’t know what they have or how to quickly retrieve what they need. They also likely have sensitive data that is at risk. 

We’ll also reiterate that the Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation Platform – and the MSPs that use it – can help overcome those challenges. But it’s one thing to talk about how great the platform is and why MSPs should take advantage of its capabilities ─ to benefit their customers and to grow their own businesses. It’s another to provide the proof. But that’s exactly what the results demonstrated by the platform’s real-world use do.  

Organizations using the platform have been able to reduce their data storage footprints and costs by up to 40%, in large part by being able to identify and delete ROTN (redundant, obsolete, trivial, no-value) data. Many have also seen that at least 20% of their data that’s subject to data security or privacy requirements is exposed.

Nonetheless, we know that it’s not easy to immediately jump on the proverbial bandwagon and immediately start offering data management services like those available through the Aparavi Platform. That’s why we developed the Aparavi Quick Start Data Assessment Program exclusively for our managed services and cloud services providers.

The program takes advantage of the platform’s Quick Scan feature, which enables customers’ systems to be scanned to locate data wherever it resides without disrupting operations. The data is then presented through a single dashboard that identifies file types, sizes and location, including files with ransomware extensions, personal data and redundant, obsolete, trivial (ROT) data. 

Many of our partners are using this assessment capability as a marketing tool. By helping their customers identify and understand the data they have, these MSPs can then offer data cleansing and other services. They can also take advantage of other platform capabilities to offer additional services or develop new services that build on these capabilities, all with the intent of helping their customers better manage their data and unlock its value.

What’s particularly compelling about Aparavi’s Quick Start Data Assessment Program is that it doesn’t require a long-term commitment, licensing costs are low, and MSPs can choose the amount of data they want to use. Free 30-day trials are also available. 

We encourage you to try it out for yourself. You can install the software in less than 60 seconds. Then simply define a sample set of data and run a quick start scan. You may be surprised at the knowledge you’ll gain about your data – and how you can use this knowledge empowerment to offer new services that will benefit your customers We’ll be happy to walk you through the various things you can do with the platform and its dashboard as well. 

Seeing is believing, so take a look at the Aparavi Platform and learn what it can do for your customers – and your business.

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