May 15, 2018

Aparavi Unveils New Active Archive Platform

Delivers dynamic multi-cloud vendor-agnostic mobility, control, and cost savings

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – May 15, 2018 – Aparavi, a Silicon Beach startup in SaaS-based solutions, today unveiled  its new Active Archive platform, designed to deliver unprecedented control, independence, and cost savings in the protection, retention, and archive of unstructured data. Aparavi has added new classification and retention policies, support for additional cloud platforms, advanced search, and simplified installation and deployment. These new features join Aparavi’s patent-pending cloud-active data pruning, which automatically removes files that are no longer needed based on policy conditions to reduce storage requirements over time and significantly lower recurring costs. Together the solution delivers true multi-cloud, vendor-agnostic management and mobility.

Unprecedented growth in unstructured data is requiring organizations to consider new approaches to protection, retention, and archive. Aparavi’s Active Archive enables organizations to slow secondary storage growth by up to 75 percent, while retaining data more intelligently both on premises and in one or more clouds. Aparavi’s SaaS-based model based on usage requires no up-front investment for lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment.

Aparavi’s Active Archive platform gives organizations the following benefits:

Dynamic multi-cloud mobility and control
While many vendors claim multi-cloud simply because they support more than one cloud vendor, Aparavi delivers dynamic, policy-based mobility between and among cloud vendors and on-premises. Data is no longer locked into one place forever; organizations can adjust storage locations at any time and take advantage of an increasingly competitive cloud storage market. The new platform supports public cloud services Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Wasabi, and IBM Cloud, along with on-premises private clouds from Caringo, Cloudian, and Scality.

Fine-grained control with classification and retention policies
New classification and retention policies give fine-grained control over data for better compliance and faster retrieval. In addition to preset options such as “legal” or “confidential,” Aparavi allows data to be classified based on content and metadata. Any tags can be defined, and retention policies can be set based upon classification. With this capability organizations can now quickly and easily identify, retrieve, manage, or delete any data by its classification. One common use case is any data tagged as “personal identity” can be protected according to GDPR requirements.

Advanced search for fast and easy retrieval
Now organizations can find specified data using advanced search based on metadata, such as creation date or file name, along with full-text content search. Users can search quickly and easily to retrieve requested documents across cloud destinations and on premises. Aparavi searches across all platforms and time, so users do not have to know where data is or when data was stored.  This incredibly powerful tool allows organizations to open up and perform data mining on what has typically been an opaque black hole of unstructured data.

Data Pruning for greater storage efficiency
Aparavi’s patent-pending storage model uses sub-file object storage and data pruning. Data pruning automatically removes data, including file increments, based on retention policies, to ensure that only the minimum amount is retained to recreate a given data point at any time. Data no longer needed is removed, releasing the space for other uses, and thereby greatly reducing storage space requirements over time, saving on storage costs.

Available today, the Aparavi Active Archive platform can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. New step-by-step navigation through initial configuration and installation allows for quick on-boarding of new accounts and users as well as easy policy maintenance. Aparavi offers organizations a 30-day free trial to test the solution with real data prior to commitment.

“The real value of Aparavi is that most archive data is easily mismanaged in the cloud,” said Bob Youngquist, Senior Sales Engineer at AMPD Game Tech. “The Aparavi solution allows cloud data archiving to be feasible from a business and cost standpoint by providing the tools to manage cloud data today and as new clouds come to market as well.”

“Management of unstructured data has changed significantly as organizations must contend with growing capacities, cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures, and compliance burdens,” said Edwin Yuen, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Aparavi Active Archive lets organizations stay flexible and dynamic, with policy-based automation for hands-off management and long-term peace of mind.”

Aparavi Active Archive is available today.

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