July 31, 2018

Live Webcast: How to Manage Your Data Today and Forever

Industry expert Mike Matchett to host Aparavi to consider the impact of the “unstructured data tsunami” hitting data centers

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – July 31, 2018 – Jon Calmes, Vice President of Business Development at Aparavi, a Silicon-beach startup in SaaS solutions, and Mike Matchett, CEO and principal analyst at Small World Big Data, discuss how organizations can overcome the challenges of backing up, retaining and archiving massive amounts of unstructured data in a Truth in IT webcast August 2 at 1 p.m. EDT.

With a 60 percent annual growth rate, unstructured data will comprise 90 percent of all data by 2023.  “Overcome the Unstructured Data Tsunami” will discuss how the complexity of multiple workflows, sites, security and clouds threatens to overwhelm IT’s ability to manage this ever-growing volume, and the steps organizations can take to regain the upper hand.  Among the topics covered during the 40-minute event are:

  • How to get the maximum value out of backups in a multi-cloud environment
  • How to apply workflows centrally with global compliance control and cybersecurity
  • Why traditional, proprietary backup software is not capable of helping
  • Why open data format and direct multi-cloud access and support are critical for managing unstructured data

“Most people probably have no idea of what a headache it is from an IT perspective to retain, secure, and manage all the documents, reports, files, videos and pictures that they have stored on their computers and corporate networks,” said Calmes.  “Legacy technologies simply cannot handle these growing volumes and the risk of being non-compliant to the myriad regulatory requirements of good corporate governance is an ever-present concern.  Rather than get swept up in a tsunami of unstructured data, organizations can implement a solution like the Aparavi Active Archive with built-in data protection to overcome the challenges associated with its continued growth.”

Aparavi Active Archive masters out-of-control unstructured data growth with data protection, retention and archive. Aparavi slows secondary storage growth by 75 percent with guaranteed availability regardless of how long data is retained. The company’s SaaS-based solution delivers true storage independence with on-premises and multi-cloud mobility.   This along with an open data format removes vendor-lock in forever. Aparavi pays for itself in reduced backup and secondary storage spend and eliminates up-front investments with a pay-as-you-go model based on usage.

With a goal to deliver timely, credible and valuable information about trends and techniques in technology, Truth in IT publishes videos from various sources throughout the world of IT.  Those interested in attending the webcast of “Overcome the Unstructured Data Tsunami” can register online at https://truthinit.lpages.co/aparavi/

About Aparavi

Aparavi, the world’s leading SaaS-based Active Archive with built-in data protection, helps organizations master out of control unstructured data growth. Delivering both on-premises and multi-cloud mobility, Aparavi provides true storage independence, and together with an open-data format removes vendor lock-in, forever. Aparavi delivers huge savings by slowing secondary storage growth by 75 percent, with guaranteed availability regardless of how long data is retained. A pay-as-you-go model based on usage eliminates up-front expenditures for a better total cost of ownership. For more information visit https://www.aparavi.com.

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