May 8, 2019

Aparavi Provides Bullet-Proof Long-Term Data Retention for Core82’s Heavily Regulated Financial Services Customer

Intelligent multi-cloud data management solution deployed to ensure critical information remains immutable and uncompromised

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – May 8, 2019 – Aparavi®, a Gartner Cool Vendor in the multi-cloud data management space, today announced that Core82 Inc., a full-service IT infrastructure design, cloud computing and IT regulatory compliance company, has selected it as an integral part of its data leakage prevention process and implemented it as part of a client installation to ensure the security of customer information at a leading financial institution.

Core82 offers premier solutions to a diverse client base with a multinational business presence.  The firm’s solutions are scalable, predictable, self-monitoring and highly adaptable to evolving business ecosystems. Having a client roster comprised of companies in specialty industries, such as financial services, healthcare and energy, with strict regulatory requirements, Core82 looks for IT infrastructure solutions that serve as the foundation for operational continuity and business productivity.

When one of its customers – a smart, well-managed finance company with no tolerance for things going wrong – sought out a solution to help ensure that its business-critical data was immutable for a required period of time, Core82 looked for a solution that would help its customers absolutely, positively ensure the security of their financial information.  With a primary data protection and management software already in place, Core82 recommended its customer add Aparavi to the overall solution for lights out, always-available protection.

“When servicing customers needed to meet the SEC Rule 17a-4 requirement, backup wasn’t enough,” said Jonathan Schwam, CEO, Core82.  “The business driver for this particular instance was to absolutely, positively ensure that we had immutable data for the time required. If it’s that important, then it was a no-brainer to have an alternate system in place.  Why have one when I can have two?  So, if the primary WORM archive were to go offline, we have Aparavi.”

Aparavi is an intelligent multi-cloud data management solution for organizations with large volumes of unstructured data. Aparavi indexes, classifies, retains, and archives either on-premises or in any cloud.  The policy engine automates and simplifies data retention while the patented cloud-active-data-pruning reduces long-term storage by automatically removing data as specified. Data classification and tagging, along with full-content search, provides fine-grained control over data stored, and enables regulatory and internal compliance.

True multi-cloud management enables organizations to take advantage of changing cloud economics, and an open data format removes vendor lock-in forever. Aparavi is delivered as a service, with the SaaS model saving up-front costs and shortening time to return on investment with dramatically lowered storage costs.

“For organizations that face stringent regulatory requirements – often with significant fines associated for non-compliance – having a solution in place that ensures sensitive information remains where it is supposed to is a necessity,” said Adrian Knapp, CEO, Aparavi.  “Core82 understands this and selected Aparavi to meet their client’s needs with a policy-driven approach that ensures business-critical data remains properly secured and also readily available.  We are pleased to play an integral role in the process of securing this financial institution’s highly sensitive data.”

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