December 4, 2019

Tech Alert: Ensuring Multi-Cloud Compatibility in a World Dominated by an 800-Pound Amazon Gorilla

Aparavi advocates maintaining freedom of choice in public cloud providers

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – December 4, 2019 – Most public cloud customers use multiple vendors, but in an increasingly competitive marketplace, these users need to be wary of efforts by market leaders to circle the wagons, according to Adrian Knapp, founder and CEO of Aparavi®, a Gartner Cool Vendor in the multi-cloud data management space.

A Gartner survey of enterprises using public cloud said more than 81 percent have multiple providers, primarily to prevent vendor lock-in and to use distinctive features of different clouds. This creates a pressing need for vendor and product compatibility to ensure choice of providers, prevent vendor lock-in, and shift files or applications to the optimal service.

Despite this, Amazon in particular has come under fire for restricting members of its AWS Partner Network from mentioning their interoperability or support for other cloud providers. Specifically, partners are barred from mentioning other cloud vendors in their AWS Co-Branding Guide (log in required) when doing any co-marketing activities, including at their events. Partners are also restricted from using the terms, “partner”, “partnership”, “partnering”, or “alliance”, and instead must refer to the fact they are an AWS partner as a “collaboration” or similar. AWS has made it clear that partners trying to communicate a multi-cloud strategy risk losing any right to use the AWS trademarks in any materials.

“Multi-cloud cooperation is a requirement today, and enterprises should be careful not to let one vendor dominate their cloud strategy,” said Knapp. “Be sure you maintain the ability to take advantage of more competitive pricing, or meet changing requirements for performance, security, archive capacity, access by remote teams, or locality and governance.”

Knapp’s insight on the issue is available in his current blog “The Seven Dirty Words Amazon Won’t Let You Say”.


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