August, 30, 2021

Terralogic Deploys Aparavi Data Intelligence & Automation Platform    to Supercharge Digital Transformation Services

Aparavi’s MSP Channel Partner Program expands with Terralogic delivering multiple data services as part of Aparavi’s go-to-market strategy 

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – August 23, 2021 – APARAVI® Software Corporation, the trusted disruptor in unstructured data management, today announced the company’s partnership with Terralogic, a leading global technology and IT services provider across the Americas and Asia for financial companies, who is now using Aparavi platform to discover, classify, intelligently govern and consolidate distributed data for their customers. 

Through Aparavi’s Advantage partnership program, Terralogic is expanding its “data holistic data governance program” where customers can begin to leverage their data to impact larger business goals. Terralogic believes effective compliance begins with a holistic and complete approach to data governance strategy, by aligning the organization’s processes, technology and staff around a central data strategy.  

“With the growing sophisticated cyber-attacks over the years, it becomes absolutely imperative for organizations to know and protect their Data. Organizations need to have a view of their more critical information residing over Cloud, Data Centers, Email & Endpoints,” says Sandeep Vijayaraghavan, Vice President of Cybersecurity & IT Services at Terralogic. “The Aparavi platform enables Terralogic to offer multiple data services to our customers with deep data intelligence to discover, classify, optimize and exploit distributed data across the enterprise to aid our customers in mitigating data risk, reducing and avoiding cost and ultimately gain competitive advantage by knowing their data,” added Vijayaraghavan. 

Terralogic consolidation of institutional controls within a cooperative security framework allows for a single management platform to monitor, manage and orchestrate solutions across the entire distributed network – an extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming process, if done manually. As financial services undergo digital transformation, so too will their networks and security needs. To take full advantage and exploit their data, companies must simplify data management. 

Aparavi’s mission is to put companies of all sizes in control of their data and sustainably increase their business success. Aparavi enables data experts to more effectively deliver data services and provides their customers greater data insight and control. 

“We are enabling our MSP partners to easily deliver numerous data services powered by the Aparavi platform, which was designed with multi-tenancy for service providers easy management of multiple customers data,” says  Peter Worsnop, Vice President of strategic accounts and alliances at Aparavi. “Powered by the Aparavi Platform, Terralogic’s customers can expect a user-friendly and intelligent data management that can aid in reducing data footprint from 6-46%, crush costs by 8-40%, exploit data value and mitigate risk almost immediately.” 


About Terralogic Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd: 

Since 2008 Terralogic has been rendering futuristic technology services for the forward-looking connected world. Our target centric DNA ensures ahead of the time engineering expertise following client roadmap and business needs. Our Services encompasses, UI/UX, Digital Transformation, Engineering solutions, SAAS, IT Infrastructure services, MSSP, Cloud & Support Services, not to forget our innovations in the field of Emerging technologies viz IoT, AR/VR, and Data Science. We deep dive into enterprise goals to get to the heart of the criteria, maintaining a macro-view while researching trends and evolving models. Terralogic provides advisory consulting and IT services for Automotive, Communications, Construction, E-commerce, Gaming, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Travel & Transportation industries. For more information, visit 

About Aparavi Software Corporation

Aparavi is the trusted disrupter in unstructured data management, helping organizations find and unlock the value of data, no matter where it lives. Aparavi is a SaaS platform with deep intelligence that rapidly discovers, automatically classifies, and optimizes highly distributed data to mitigate risk, reduce costs and exploit data value. Aparavi ensures secure access for modern data demands of analytics, machine learning, and collaboration, connecting business and IT to transform data into a competitive asset. Aparavi is a privately funded company headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information, visit, and stay informed by following Aparavi on LinkedIn and Twitter


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