Introducing The Aparavi Advisory Board

We are very pleased to introduce our new Advisory Board, which will support us in an advisory capacity and provide important impetus for current developments and discussions. To this end, the board brings together external experts who are distinguished by their know-how in core market topics and members of Aparavi's management. In addition, the board will be continuously expanded in the future to bring in further perspectives and content and to expand the network around Aparavi. In the coming weeks, we will introduce the first members and their focus topics in more detail. Stay tuned!
Florian Huber
Florian Huber is driven by the question of how companies can transform their business to maximize their positive impact on the environment and society. As a partner and CDO of one of the Big4, one focus of the original Munich native is in particular on decarbonization strategies to reduce CO2 emissions and make business more sustainable. Accordingly, on the Aparavi Advisory Board he is primarily concerned with the topic of sustainability and green data and, in his role as Chairman, additionally with the general direction of the Advisory Board.
Dr. Alexander Deicke
Board member
If you want to talk about data, you always have to talk about data protection, too. That is why Dr. Alexander Deicke is part of the Aparavi Advisory Board. As a legal and data protection interim manager, the lawyer regularly takes on mandates in both small and large companies to set up legal departments and implement regulatory requirements. In doing so, he works at the interface between law, business and Big Data issues and tries to put governance and compliance on the agenda from the very beginning. Consequently, his focus is on the GDPR, law and forensics.
Heidi Just
Board member
Multi-talented with an eye for the big picture as well as the small details? That's exactly the case for Heidi Just, Chief of Staff at Aparavi, right hand of the management and responsible for internal organization and communication. The Munich native has worked in various areas in the past, but one central theme has always accompanied her: Sustainability. Whether it's eliminating plastic or going paperless - she's always finding new ways to do a little more for the environment. Accordingly, she will also push this aspect as part of the Aparavi advisory board
Thorsten Herrman
Board member
With over 25 years of experience, Thorsten Herrmann knows his way around the IT industry. A salesman through and through, he is now General Manager Enterprise Commercial at Microsoft, where he is responsible for key account business. Therefore, he brings his practical knowledge of sales processes and structures as well as current changes in the market to the Aparavi Advisory Board. Due to his employer and his own commitment, the topic of productivity and how data can contribute to it is also very important to him.
Sabine Klisch
Board member
What do data and marketing have to do with each other? Quite a lot, says Sabine Klisch. Thanks to 25 years of professional experience in the B2B tech industry, she knows that no company can be successful today without making use of its data in all areas. As part of the Aparavi Advisory Board, she therefore wants to drive Data-Driven Marketing in particular and support the further development of marketing and sales processes. In addition, the marketing expert worked abroad for 15 years and will therefore also advise Aparavi on the implementation of its international expansion...
Daniel Beringer
Board member
It is a well-known fact that small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the German economy - and Daniel Beringer is well aware of this. He has many years of experience as an entrepreneur and private equity investor with a focus on business services, real estate and infrastructure. He is also co-founder and, to date, Managing Partner at Greenpeak, a corporate incubator with expertise in the creation, development and expansion of companies. Therefore, in the Aparavi Executive Board, he will take care of Mergers & Acquisitions and Costs, in addition to SMEs.
Dr. Ulrike Handel
Board member
Dr. Ulrike Handel has never shied away from entrepreneurial responsibility, because it is the only way to drive change - in companies, for employees and for society. In her more than 25 years in the media and digital industry, she has led many transformation processes, most recently as CEO for over 3,000 employees in the DACH region at the international marketing services group Dentsu, and will contribute her expertise to the advisory board. In addition, she is committed to climate protection and greater sustainability both privately and professionally out of conviction and is convinced, that the promotion of sustainability is not achieved through prohibitions and restrictions, but through the use of innovative technologies and processes.
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