File Protect & Insight

File and Endpoint Backup Simplified with Aparavi Data Awareness™ for Intelligence and Insight
Aparavi File Protect & Insight

Legacy backup can’t meet today’s file protection challenge!

Watch how Aparavi File Protect & Insight takes control.

Aparavi makes file backup simple while providing insight into the data for governance and oversight.

Best file protection available

The best file protection available

  • Native multi- and hybrid cloud support
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Single view of all data sources and status
  • Near instant data recovery
  • Automated ransomware alerts and defense

With Aparavi Data Awareness for intelligence and insight

  • Easy file classification based on both file content and metadata
  • Fast full-content search for any data anywhere
  • Search results returned without cloud access to avoid egress fees
Aparavi Data Awareness for intelligence and insight
Ultimate data security

And the ultimate security for peace of mind

  • Files encrypted in-motion at at-rest
  • File access controlled with role-based permissions
  • File versioning for historical control
  • Published data format means no vendor lock in forever
  • Activity monitored and reported to stop ransomware attacks quickly

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Data-aware cloud backup

Data-Aware Cloud
Backup »

Protect your files and gain insights with Aparavi’s simple, secure, intelligent backup solution.

Intelligent file retention and cloud archive

Intelligent File Retention
and Cloud Archive »

Simple and secure long-term file retention with insight so you know exactly what and where your data is.

FPI Certified Clouds

Aparavi certified clouds

“The business driver for this was to absolutely, positively ensure that we had immutable data for the time required. It was a no-brainer to add Aparavi for this purpose.”

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Jonathan Schwam
CEO, Core82 – Information, Assurance, Compliance, and Cybersecurity Services


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