Automated Data ​Governance & Compliance​

Reduce human error, deliver relevant data faster, and take comfort that you are in control with Aparavi.

Legal data collections

Reduction of Legal Data Collection Time

Easy user search across any NAS, servers, and endpoints without requiring end user interaction

Complexity Reduction

Complexity Reduction

Typically 3 to 4 products are required to find, classify, and move/copy data, without easy access. With Aparavi, one platform captures, manages, retains, and delivers content.

Information insights

Increase in Information Insights

Accelerate time-to-insight with a simple Boolean search of both metadata and full content across endpoints, NAS, and cloud storage

Take Control of Your Data

Data intelligence and automation put you in control of your data with efficient data lifecycle management. The Aparavi Platform enables you to:

  • Find data everywhere, regardless of location
  • Utilize 140+ classification policies and 800+ patterns
  • Analyze data and build reports on your dataset
  • Move, copy, or delete data by policy
  • Gain control of your data with smart, compliant data retention policies

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Discover data & automate classification

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