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At Aparavi, we help our customers unlock the value of data no matter where it lives to mitigate risk, reduce cost, and create new value.
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The Future of Data Storage Optimization

Many organizations now have a “Cloud Smart or Cloud First” mandate to reduce the costs of on-premises storage. Moving Terabytes or Petabytes to the cloud is not only tedious for any organization, but very costly. The data moving to the cloud also holds immense risk. Keeping critical data separated from the redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data can create immediate cost savings, reduce risk, and significantly reduce the amount of data moving to the cloud.

Aparavi augments the data ecosystem

Transform data chaos into intelligent information availability that fuels innovation and accelerates knowledge.

Distributed Data Storage

Find data anywhere and act on it to improve primary application performance and storage utilization without disruption or complexity

Data Migration

Intelligently copy or move data from distributed sources to a central location based on advanced lifecycle or regulatory policies

Data Protection, Time and Cost Reduction

Knowing data value enables reduction of data sets and the costly supporting infrastructure, while ensuring protection of the right data assets

Big Data Applications

Intelligently feed accurate and clean data for business intelligence, analytics, machine learning, and collaboration

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