The Aparavi Advantage Program

Developing New Partner Data Services Powered by
Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation.

Partner with experts in data intelligence

The Aparavi Advantage Program provides partners with the unique opportunity to influence and deliver a better customer experience through utilization of Aparavi's data intelligence and automation platform to power breakthrough data services to organizations
Defensible Disposal of Trash Data
Find redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data  no matter where it lives to reduce risk and cease wasting valuable resources. Partners delivering data optimization and continuous data hygiene
Intelligent Data Privacy
Know you data situation with discovery and automation of data by privacy compliance regulation such as GDPR, CCPA and more
M&A: Intelligent Discovery & Control
Large and small consulting firms utilize the Aparavi platform to gain rapid insight to data and accelerate company integrations and synergies.
Data Risk Management
Rapidly identify your exposure including damaging data, non-compliance data and location, trash data and and other

Our expert partners deliver services to multiple verticals

Data discovery and automated classification for financial and regulatory compliance, including audits, IPO readiness, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI-DSS, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), SEC & SWIFT
Healthcare & Pharma
Data discovery and automated classification for HIPAA compliance, protected health information (PHI) and managed care oversight
Tech & Manufacturing
Data discovery and automated classification for security assessments, data consolidation and data migration
Healthcare & Pharma
Data discovery and automated classification for legal holds, internal investigation, audits, information requests, early case assessment, eDiscovery and first pass review
After months of carefully analyzing the market and vetting countless technologies, it became evident that there was no better platform solution or company to partner with than Aparavi.
Marco Nasca, Chief Innovation Officer, Lineal Services
With Aparavi's Platform, we're transforming services to provide clients an even more holistic view of their data, where it lives and what they're storing, further reducing risk throughout their infrastructure.
Kelly Hammons, CEO, Secutor
In areas of regulatory compliance, security, and protection, Aparavi delivers critical data insight that reduces risk and improves our customers' ability to manage threats such as data leakage.
Steven Horan, Chairman and CEO, Modus eDiscovery
The real value of Aparavi is it allows cloud archiving to be feasible and cost effective.
Bob Youngquist - AMPD GameTech

Advantage Partner Onboarding:

We look forward to diving into discussions with you and getting you onboarded with Aparavi.

We'd like to know more about your business and introduce Aparavi and our mission as a data intelligence and automation company.
Trial Installation
In remote session, we'll demo the deployment of The Platform and show you the key features.
Welcome to the Aparavi Team. Expand your business with new and existing customers by offering our data intelligence and automation software.
Get a first impression of what makes Aparavi a solutions provider. You will be introduced to Aparavi, The Platform product and get to know your Aparavi rep.
Start scheduling your customer introductions to The Platform. We will accompany you in the review of our infrastructure and support services.