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Why should you join the Aparavi Advantage Partner Program? As data grows in size and value, most organizations struggle to cost-effectively manage and use it. By leveraging Aparavi's powerful, cloud-based data intelligence and automation platform, you can position your company as a strategic partner and deliver guidance and services to help customers:
Discover, clean, classify, and store distributed, unstructured and structured data
Streamline compliance requirements, avoid data breaches and fines, and mitigate risks
Gain instant visibility and optimize data migration efforts
Accelerate data discovery and integration for mergers and acquisitions
Easily access analytics used for driving machine learning and other uses
Transform data into a competitive advantage and marketplace differentiator

Opportunities at Your Fingertips

Whether you're a cloud or managed service provider (CSP or MSP) or a reseller, partnering with Aparavi offers opportunities to expand your portfolio with in-demand data management services, provide much-needed data intelligence and automation-- and establish your hero status with your customers and prospects across a wide array of use cases and industries. Here are a few ways to get started.

Quick Start Assessment Program

Scan your customers’ unstructured data, perform clean up activities and show immediate results and value. Special “Quick Start” assessment licensing is available with low-cost per-terabyte pricing in two tiers.

Data Cleanup

Build on the Quick Start program with annual data health checks to help customers control redundant, outdated and trivial (ROT) content. Then, implement ongoing data optimization and data hygiene services.

Intelligent Data Classification and Search

Scan, identify and index customers’ metadata and files, including sensitive data. Follow-up with your own compliance-as-a-service, data governance, security and other solutions. Enable customers to quickly identify and/or search for sensitive data or other specific information, respond to information requests and demonstrate compliance

Lifecycle Management

Help customers more cost effectively and securely manage their data. Build on the Platform’s capabilities by adding data storage or other services. Create policies that identify specific types of data and then automatically copy, delete, move or archive it. Use Aparavi’s proprietary data format to segment, encrypt and compress

It's all about The Platform

Other companies offer data management platforms. What makes the Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation Platform different -- and better? Sure, it can help drive innovation and support digital transformation by helping companies more cost-effectively and easily clean, manage and leverage their data. But how does it do that and how does that benefit you and your customers?
It's cloud-based (SaaS), so there's no infrastructure to buy or maintain.
It's vendor-agnostic; no proprietary hardware is required to use it.
It's multi-tenant, so it can be used for multiple clients or multiple remote sites either on-prem or in the cloud.
It features a customizable dashboard to show specific views and data as desired.
It's easy for any end user to navigate, as well as run intelligent search queries without any complexity.
It's highly secure. In addition to the security inherent in the cloud, it uses Aparavi's proprietary format for encrypting and storing data.
It includes over 140 built–in classification policies for automatically classifying large data sets.
It quickly identifies sensitive company data to meet various compliance requirements.
It can scan over 70 different metadata fields within each file to ensure only the most accurate results.
AND more! See for yourself.
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