Data intelligence & automation change everything

Transform data chaos into intelligent information availability that fuels innovation and accelerates knowledge.

Reduce cost and risk by finding and unlocking the value of your data, no matter where it lives.

Aparavi is THE Data Intelligence and Automation Platform. Our cloud-based platform finds, automates, governs, and consolidates distributed data to tackle your growing data demands. We give modern applications, including analytics, machine learning, and collaboration tools, secure access to your data. Aparavi connects business and IT to transform data into a competitive asset.​

The Aparavi Platform

The Data Automation & Intelligence Platform: built for real-world use cases

​​A single data automation and intelligence platform with integrated advanced search, automated classification, optimization, and open, secure access to put your information to work.  Go beyond current approaches requiring two to four separate products that lack data intelligence, inflate cost, increase complexity, and are unable to manage the data lifecycle end-to-end.​

Discover data & automate classification

Find & Discover Data and Automate Classification

Intelligent search of all content and metadata across multiple data sources/types, devices, and cloud storage locations. Aparavi provides rapid insight into what data organizations have and where it resides, with automated classification to ascertain value to the business.

Automated Data Governance & Compliance

Automated Data Governance & Compliance

Easily with intelligent classification and automation of unstructured content with 140+ industry and vertical-specific classification policies by regulation.  This reduces time to comply, removes human error, and dramatically improves the time to find data accurately from multiple sources and take action.

Data & IT Consolidation

Data and IT Consolidation

​​With intelligent data discovery, classification, and reduction (del/move) of primary data, resulting in an improvement of application performance, cost, and overall efficiency.

Create New Applications & Information Insight

Create New Applications & Information Insight

With intelligent retention from policy-based actionsyou can provide secure, open access to an organized open data lake.  Aparavi’s published open API provides 3rd party applications with secure access into the Aparavi data repositories stored in one or multiple public cloud storage services.

See The Platform in action

Aparavi compliance

Early Access Program

The Platform is generally available today and you can get free unlimited use hit ‘Get Started’.  For continuous access to pre-release versions of the Platform, we have created The Aparavi Early Access Program, designed to provide access and use of Aparavi products to a very select set of customers and strategic partners before the rest of the market, along with direct access to Aparavi experts.

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