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Discover high value assets and data risks, eliminate data silos and give your company data efficiency and a real competitive advantage.

There’s value at the center of your data. Aparavi can unlock it.

Unstructured data can have obvious value, like presentations or medical diagnostics or architectural designs. But some files are filled with hidden value. Web and network log files can contain critical marketing insight into prospects travels through your system. Surveillance video can not just document theft, but it can predict shopping tendencies. Aparavi can analyze all of your unstructured data, unlocking that hidden value.
80%-90% of enterprise data is unstructured
And 50% is never analyzed.
Most of the data filling your enterprise storage devices and cloud repositories is unstructured – log files, productivity data, surveillance videos, you name it. And most of it is never looked at after creation. Realistically, no one has the time to look at all of these files. But unanalyzed data can’t grow your business. Instead, it can harm your business with privacy risk and unnecessary expenses.

LabVIEW. TrueType. BMPs. Oh my.

Unstructured data mostly consists of files. Lots and lots of different kinds of files. Literally hundreds of different kinds of files. From router log files to medical imagery to tiktok videos. Aparavi can help manage all of them.

Analyze your data where it lives

  • Local file systems
  • NFS attached file systems
  • SMB attached file systems

Coming soon:

  • Cloud file and object stores (S3, BLOB)
  • Productivity stores (Google docs, Microsoft 365, Exchange, etc.)
  • Cloud file share (Google drive, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.)

Aparavi drives intelligent data migration

After you’ve analyzed your data, use Aparavi Data Actions to automatically copy the appropriate files to target storage locations quickly and securely.

Learn about data migration with Aparavi

Currently, Aparavi supports the following data targets:‍
Object Storage:
  • Amazon S3
  • S3 Compatible Object Storage
  • Microsoft Azure
File Systems:
  • Windows
  • Linux