Data Intelligence & Automation

Transform data chaos into intelligent, automated data information for everyone, to fuel knowledge and accelerate innovation
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What's in Your Data Swamp?

Data is growing at an astounding rate today and it's coming from an exploding volume of sources including documents, social media, commercial IoT, collaboration apps, video surveillance to network log files to Big Data projects and productivity user data.
Data Owners and IT can barely keep up just storing the data
Identifying the data that needs special attention is highly-manual and often requires special skills -- leading to compromising data security, compliance and data protection
High-value data is mixed up with trash data making data analytics projects more difficult, time-consuming and expensive
Data Intelligence and Automation

Take Control of Your Data Lifecycle

The Aparavi Platform dramatically simplifies data management across the enterprise with data intelligence and automation technology, putting you in control.  Mitigate data risk, reduce and avoid data infrastructure costs and exploit value from your data, all without complexity or disruption!

Enterprise search, find and discovery

Single, cloud-based user portal searches through all your fragmented unstructured data wherever it resides
Advanced metadata search combined with efficient indexing of content allows users to find information quickly and accurately
Intuitive dashboard presents common categories by default, allows customization for your needs
Perform ad-hoc deep searches, create and automate custom reports

Automate classification and organization of data sets

Find content by advanced classifications either custom or by 140+ predefined regulatory compliance policies
Reduce the time-to-insight with organized data sets by custom classification and speed analytics proejcts
Predefined searches for regular compliance checks
Create custom policies using combinations of pre-defined policies plus your own custom classification needs

Optimize your data & infrastructure

Identify trash data to save time, and reduce complexity and costs
Ensure continuous data hygiene across distributed location through automated classification and actions
Intelligent data migration to the cloud; ensuring the right data is available at the right time, right place and right cost

Exploit your data value

Knowing what you have, being able to take action on it and now leverage for business insights, and competitive advantage
Analyze data that wasn’t available or was difficult to access and utilize for a whole new set of applications and learning
Easy and secure access to discovered content through your personal productivity applications or big data tools

Aparavi Augments the Data Ecosystem

Transform data chaos into intelligent information availability that fuels innovation and accelerates knowledge.

Data Silo & Storage Solution

Find data anywhere and act on it to improve primary application performance and storage utilization without disruption or complexity

Data Migration

Intelligently copy or move data from distributed sources to a central location based on advanced lifecycle or regulatory policies

Data Protection, Time and Cost Reduction

Knowing data value enables reduction of data sets and the costly supporting infrastructure, while ensuring protection of the right data assets

Big Data Applications

Intelligently feed accurate and clean data for business intelligence, analytics, machine learning, and collaboration

Exploit Your Data's Value No Matter Where it Lives

Aparavi connects business owners with IT to transform a whole bunch of messy files into a competitive information asset. The cloud-based data platform discovers and classifies all your data no matter where it lives, giving you to power to turn fragmented and distributed data into competitive insight. Data scientists usually spend most of their time finding the right data, getting it into the right format, and accessing it from the right systems. With Aparavi, they can spend more time analyzing the data and less time data wrangling.
Advanced Data Search
Mountable FS
Policy Management
Data Discovery
Data Analysis
Secure Open API
Data Automation & Movement
Multiple Data Sources
Compliance Officers
Infra Directors
Storage Admins
Any NAS, End Point
Documents & Emails
Web Logs, Click Streams
Social Networks
Machine Generated
Geo-Location Data
Search & Classification
Data Consolidation
Legal: Data Collections
Governance & Compliance
Intelligent Retention
Information Stewardship

Data Intelligence in Action

Watch our three-minute demos to see the power and simplicity of The Platform. The next step is to install The Platform and use on your own data sets ─ without disruption or complexity.
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Locate unstructured data wherever it exists
Identify dark data,  ROT data, sensitive data and data outside required SLAs
Plan your next steps for managing your data
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Transform data chaos into intelligent information availability that fuels innovation and accelerates knowledge. Discover the power of Aparavi.