Rapid Data Audit & Risk Assessment

Get a quick data risk assessment to identify potential security risks and data-waste that are impacting your bottom line. Run through the checklist with us today!

  • Non-intrusive deployment and no data movement required
  • Rapid granular search and discovery of your data sample
  • Receive detailed report on your selected data sample, highlighting areas of risk and recommended optimizations
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Increase Data Visibility & Mitigate Risk

Cross-Functional Applications

The Aparavi Data Audit & Risk Assessment is a detailed report based on your company’s sample data, that reveals the true state of your unstructured data ecosystem. The report can be used by any department to create a plan to optimize storage, increase compliance standards and reduce security concerns.

Convenient Process

Our data experts will be with your every step of the way, from installation to analysis, without slowing you or your system down, or impacting performance. Our detailed report will provide you with customized recommendations to minimize risk, reduce costs and increase value to your organization.

Customized Analysis

We'll get to know your company’s needs, data environment, regulatory compliance obligations and security concerns, so we can create a customized audit & assessment plan for your 1TB data set. After installation, our platform will index and classify the files’ metadata and content. Finally, we’ll apply Aparavi’s pre-defined classification policies to identify risks and remediation opportunities, and present our detailed recommendations, tailored for you and your organization.

Concrete Steps for Remediation

We create a detailed report that shows the true state of your unstructured data ecosystem, focusing on regulatory compliance concerns like personal or sensitive information, as well as security concerns like global access groups or ransomware file extensions.The report will explain concrete remediation steps you can take to optimize your data storage, reduce data risks and costs, and increase value to your organizations.

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