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Let us show you how quickly your unstructured data will be presented through a single dashboard that identifies files by:

- Name
- Size and Location
- Create/modify/access date
- Owner
- Permissions

You'll experience what The Platform can do -- and the value of benefits ranging from a customizable dashboard to over 140 classification policies. The Aparavi Platform delivers more than data clean up and management services. It empowers users to harness the power of their data.

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In 60 minutes or less:

  • Our experts install our cloud-based SaaS software for a sample set of data you define.
  • Aparavi locates your data without disruption and presents your data through a single dashboard identifying:
  • File types, file size, file location
  • Includes files with ransomware extensions, personal data, and, redundant, obsolete and trivial data

The benefits:

  • Peace of mind, knowing where your data is and what you have
  • Confidence in decision making to benefit your organization
  • Ability to reduce cost and risk for your organization

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