Save Big on Secondary Storage

Reduce secondary storage growth by up to 75% by archiving your data once rather than continually backing up the same data again and again. Policies can be set to specify how data is to be managed, and how data can be removed based on those policies for greatest efficiency.

Retain Data Based on Policy

Policies allow you to identify what, where, and for how long you retain your data. Different data sources can be archived to different storage locations, such as different cloud vendors or an on-premises object store, based on availability or other characteristics of those destinations.

Prune Data for Greatest Efficiency

Aparavi’s patent-pending storage model uses sub-file object storage and data pruning. Data pruning automatically removes data, including file increments, based on retention policies, to ensure that only the minimum amount is retained to recreate a given data point at any time. Data no longer needed is removed, releasing the space for other uses, and thereby greatly reducing storage space requirements over time, saving on storage costs.

Give Your Data Intelligence

Classification and tagging organizes data for easy retrieval. Identify all data classified into categories as “legal” or “PII”. Full-content search for any word or phrases delivers insight into previously vast stores of Aparavi archived data.

Retrieve Data Fast and Easily

Aparavi will find your data wherever it is (public cloud, private cloud, NAS device…) and retrieve it, you don’t need to know where it is, just data properties such as name or content.

Intelligently Manage Cloud Destinations

Switch storage vendors and migrate data from one location to the next, taking advantage of changing cloud economics.