Aparavi and Private Cloud Solutions

Aparavi natively supports industry leading storage APIs provided by public cloud object storage solutions such as AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure. The S3 API has been widely adopted by many public cloud providers as well as open source alternatives such as MinIO. With this continuously growing and diversified group of S3 storage options, Aparavi is uniquely positioned to work with public clouds, private clouds, on-premises solutions, or hybrid approaches.

Utilizing solutions such as Cloudian, Caringo, and Scality as an on-premises archive target, Aparavi provides a solution for organizations that:

Alternative to costly public clouds

Want an alternative to potentially costly public cloud storage solutions

Avoid public cloud storage

Must avoid public cloud storage as mandated by regulations or corporate governance requirement

Aparavi will scan, index, classify, encrypt, and compress your organization’s unstructured data and archive that data to a wide variety of supported archive targets. It is your data; we give you the choice of where to archive your data and provide open data access, removing any concern about vendor lock.

Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian HyperStore Object Storage allows organizations to consolidate unstructured data (files and objects) in a limitlessly scalable solution. Cloudian HyperStore is available as a fully integrated appliance or as standalone software and supports the S3 API with unlimited capacity.

Cloudian HyperStore provides Aparavi customers an on-premises option with scalable storage, high durability, and fast access times at a great price. Archive more frequently, at better economics with high speed retrieval.

Scality RING

Scality RING is a software defined native file and object store solution for large scale on-premises storage of unstrcutured data. Scality RING supports NFS / SMB and the industry standard S3 API. Scality RING is deployable on industry-standard x86 servers. Data is protected with replication erasure coding and geo-distribution, achieving near 14 9s of durability.

Scality RING and Aparavi allows organizations to utilize their existing infrastructure and take advantage of server innovations over time, allowing for big data analytics on the archived data.

Caringo Swarm

Caringo Swarm can be deployed as software only or as an integrated hardware appliance. Caringo Swarm is a rapidly scalable cloud storage solution including infrastructure and multi-tenant controls. Caringo can be deployed in s single or multiple sites with configurable replication options. Swarm supports NFS, S3 API, Azure blob API, and others for a wide variety of connectivity options.

Aparavi with Caringo Swarm helps reduce total cost of ownership as hardware options continue to evolve.

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