Data Management the Intelligent Way

Data is organized, archived, and made accessible.

Manage your data, now and forever.

Aparavi® delivers intelligent multi-cloud data management to organizations with large volumes of unstructured data.

  • Index, classify, retain, and archive either on-premises or in any cloud
  • Data classification and full-content search provides fine-grained control
  • Automates and simplifies data retention
  • True multi-cloud management
  • Reduce long-term storage by automatically remove data as specified

Your Backup Can’t Solve This Problem

Current Backup Solutions Aparavi Benefit of Aparavi
Up-front Investments 12-24 months of storage plus software licenses SaaS-based Solution No CAPEX, grow as needed
Secondary Storage Growth 5 to 10x primary storage Reduction up to 75% Huge Cost Savings over time
Location On-premises, cloud as a bolt-on Build for Hybrid or Multi-cloud Storage and cloud independence
Data Formats Proprietary formats Open format and dynamic cloud migration No Software or Cloud Lock-in

Take Control of Your Unstructured Data

active archive dashboard
  • Cloud Active Data Pruning

File and sub-file data pruning automatically removes data no longer needed based on policy conditions, reducing secondary storage requirements.
  • Multi-Cloud Agile Retention

Dynamically move data between cloud vendors, and on-premises and enjoy the freedom to switch between the most strategic or cost-effective cloud storage vendor of your choice.
  • Advanced Data Classification

Classify data by assigned tags based on content or metadata, even after data has been retained. Full-context search allows for fast and easy retrieval wherever the data is stored.
  • True Open Data Format

Published data format means no vendor lock-in and the ability to recover data independently of the Aparavi platform, forever.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Aparavi architecture was designed with cloud in mind, and has the simplicity, scalability, and performance needed to get the job done.

Aparavi Data Management Architecture

Data Sources

Any file server or storage holding unstructured data can be a data source for Aparavi. Data is encrypted, compressed, and deduplicated before it leaves the source, for maximum security and efficiency. Any number of storage sources can be added to a single Aparavi instance.

Software Appliance

The software appliance, located on-premises or in the cloud, stores snapshots of data for quick retrieval, as well as the index used for full-text and metadata search requests. Scale out to multiple appliances as needed to balance and manage loads.

Management Console

This single-pane-of-glass managmentt enables monitoring of jobs, policy creation, user management and more.