Constant Development, Constant Improvement

Aparavi engineers are an impatient lot. They don’t wait for twice-yearly product releases to see how all the cool new features they’ve been sweating over are adopted by our customers. Instead they live by the agile development process characterized as iterative, incremental, collaborative, and evolutionary. This means as soon as a feature is ready – boom! – it’s delivered to our users so they can take advantage of it.

Recent Updates

Oracle Cloud Certified as Storage Destination

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has been certified with Aparavi, passing a rigorous set of test scenarios. Users can now use Oracle Cloud as a storage destination for their data.

Microsoft Azure Certified as Storage Destination

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage certified as an approved cloud storage destination for Aparavi archives. Leverage your organization’s existing investment in Microsoft solutions as your preferred long-term data archive.

Alerts via Email and Text Messages

When alerts occur such as a snapshot failed, or an archive completed Aparavi will send email and/or text messages to all subscribed users. The alert functionality proactively keeps users up to date with latest Aparavi activity and reduces the need to monitor the Aparavi web application.

Aparavi Assistant

Step by step navigation and explanation for all initial configuration and installation steps. Allows for quick on-boarding of new customers or new users. Steps include software appliance installation and policy maintenance.

Wasabi Certified as Cloud Storage Destination

Wasabi certified as an approved cloud storage destination for Aparavi archives. Provides Aparavi customers an additional choice for storing their archives giving them flexibility and eliminating vendor lock-in.

Caringo Swarm Object Storage Platform Certified

Caringo Swarm scale-out private cloud storage platform has been certified with Aparavi Active Archive℠.

Simulation Mode

For trial customers or new users on the Aparavi platform, simply start off in Simulation Mode with a Star Wars data theme to quickly learn the Aparavi software without concern for making any permanent changes.

Coming Soon

Classification and Retention Policies

During storage operations, classify files into categories (e.g., sales data) utilizing metadata (file name and location) and data (matching text patterns or specific text strings). Set storage destination and retention policies based upon classification to give your organization fine grain control to adhere to your organizations policies and procedures.

Advanced Archive Search

Search based on metadata (such creation date or file name) along with full-text content search for all supported documents for specified servers. Allows users to quickly and easily search and retrieve requested documents across cloud destinations and on premises.

Open Data Access

The ability to access archived data as a mounted file system.

Direct to Cloud

Optionally send archives directly to the cloud without taking local snapshots on the software appliance. This option fits organizations that do not want to utilize an on-premises machine as the software appliance and cloud-based retrieval is sufficient.

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