All for One and One for All for Data Privacy

GDPR is an all-encompassing data privacy regulation, so the best way to address its requirements is an all-encompassing data management solution.  From developing a data privacy policy to solving the right to be forgotten problem to creating a data privacy protection architecture, George Crump at Storage Switzerland has laid out how organizations should approach the way that they protect and retain the business-critical information they create and store.  In his fourth and final part of his series, George details how Aparavi delivers GDPR-compliant data management privacy and protection.  Read all about it here.

Taken together, these pieces articulate not only the problems facing companies’ in balancing the needs of long-term data management of unstructured data with the rights of individuals to have their privacy protected but they present a clear and defined method of achieving these goals.  Rather than seek out disparate solutions that satisfy any one particular issue, finding a single product, like Aparavi Active Archive, to manage the various processes cohesively is a much better approach.

While George’s latest article concludes this series, there’s still plenty more to discuss about the subject of GDPR specifically and data protection in our current regulatory age in general.  If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out our recent webinar with George where we offer a deep dive into the impact of GDPR and similar regulations to data management and the data protection process, and watch for our new eBook on Data Privacy to arrive soon!

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