Creating a Data Privacy Architecture for GDPR

In the third of four blogs, analyst George Crump at Storage Switzerland has expanded on how the GDPR – and let’s not forget other regulations too like the California Consumer Protection Act – necessitates thinking in new and different ways about backup and archive, protection and retention.

In the past, organizations often had a ‘keep everything’ archive mentality but that doesn’t mesh with modern regulations for privacy architecture, such as the individual’s right to be forgotten, discussed here. And traditional backups don’t offer much in the way of granularity, so locating a file in the backup job by file type or content can be impossible.

These, and other reasons, are why George encourages people to think about integrated data protection architecture that offer more modern controls for privacy, location, destruction of data, and so on. Learn more in his blog here, and note the link to our webinar covering these topics too.