I Spy for the FPI: File Protect & Insight

It’s no secret that the secret sauce in our flagship Active Archive product is the core data management tools it includes to organize and classify files. It’s the “intelligence agency” within the platform, giving users the insight and visibility into unstructured data and its contents. It’s the situation room, where the software decides what is the most strategic or cost-effective protection for that file.

We have customers and partners who use Active Archive for these features alone. Either they’ve looked for a file backup and retention product that complements their existing BC/DR solutions, or they want a global view into previously opaque data for better security or governance. An example is as a second line of defense against ransomware, to better manage risk-prone data and create a second immutable copy and a mountable archive for a fast restore.

Our engineers have been working covertly to spin out these tools, and today I am thrilled that Aparavi File Protect & Insight is available to the market. It operates across files and file systems, on-premises or clouds. It looks at files, contents, and metadata, based on individual words, phrases, dates, access, file types, patterns, and much more.

FPI can easily identify sensitive data to ensure regulatory compliance is being met. It can perform custom pattern recognition for eDiscovery requirements. It can help with storage capacity optimization. Our friends at Advanced Systems Integrators use it for notifications and insights to monitor backup sets, so they’ll get an early warning of ransomware, and prevent hackers from overwriting customer backups and encrypting data.

There are a lot of backup tools out there, both legacy and new. As far as I know, Aparavi is the only one combining file insight/awareness with backup and retention for unstructured data, which is growing more than 30 percent per year (and so is the pressure to come up with a plan of attack).

Read the declassified doc here or schedule a call now.