Resist and Die; Surrender and Store Forever

Storage Switzerland analyst George Crump already made the case for why traditional unstructured data protection falls short in today’s environments, and now he’s gone a step further by pointing out why they don’t excel at meeting regulatory and legal requirements either. In “Unstructured Data’s Compliance and Retention Gap,” he says:

Because of its size and the sheer number of files, organizations tend to protect their unstructured data store with legacy backup solutions and outdated best practices. As a result, most unstructured data protection strategies fail to meet the current requirements for compliance, retention and multi-cloud support.

The blog is a strong statement from Storage Switzerland, which, like the country, prides itself on remaining neutral – so strong, we decided to sponsor this content. Fun fact: neither George, nor Storage Switzerland, is Swiss, but Aparavi chairman Adrian Knapp is. Adrian is not neutral on the subject of retention and archive either.

Read the full blog here.