Nobody Ever got Fired for Buying IBM Cloud

Great news for Aparavi Active Archive aficionados: you are now welcome to move to the IBM Cloud.

Our Certified Cloud Destinations Program validates whether cloud services successfully support our object-based APIs, multi-cloud mobility, and other tests. We have just added IBM Cloud to our certification list, joining Amazon AWS, GoogleCloud, Wasabi, and others.

There’s no point in offering multi-cloud functions without offering choices. Part of how we are able to help customers regain control and independence is by making it as simple as possible to use the most strategic and/or most affordable option based on what the data and the workloads need. For some, that’s IBM Cloud. For others, that’s another provider. For yet others, that’s on-premises storage. Tomorrow, those priorities can shift, and so can the data, without a penalty or a massive migration hassle.

Along with this certification we are officially members of IBM’s PartnerWorld program, putting our platform in front of IBM resellers and MSPs, IBM customers, and other experts. It’s no secret most of our users find us through their trusted solution providers, so becoming part of IBM’s channel family is a pretty big deal.

* If you’re too young to appreciate the ironic wit of that statement, click here.

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