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Aparavi’s Intelligent Multi-Cloud Data Management Tool Explained

While data is the lifeblood of an organization, the massive growth of unstructured data is presenting huge challenges. Organizations have millions, if not billions of files, spread across a multitude of systems, with little to no organization, and no sure way to find the file or data needed.

Aparavi was designed to meet the challenges of unstructured data with intelligent multi-cloud data management that organizes, retains, and makes data readily accessible. Aparavi analyzes and organizes data with content and meta-data classification using patterns, phrases, file types and more, enabling future retrieval for purposes like compliance, reference, or analysis.

Through a single pane of glass, search allows users to find any data wherever it resides, whether on-premises or in one or multiple clouds, without having to know the location. Search full content by words, phrases, or patterns, or by metadata and view results in context in the cloud or storage device without retrieving until requested.

Aparavi’s open data format and REST API work together to provide access to your retained data, empowering organizations to use that data for analysis, insights and intelligence. Our multi-cloud management supports a wide variety of cloud vendors, and on-premises private cloud. Users can select the best destination for their data, or migrate between clouds.

Aparavi’s patented technologies work together to reduce the amount of data being stored, along with unnecessary cloud egress fees. This fine-grained control results in savings of up to 75% while automating the compliant removal of data.

With no up-front fees and a SaaS model, Aparavi is the smart and affordable solution you need to manage your data. So go ahead, keep your data – just do it better! Sign up for your free trial today.