It’s Always Your Data: How to Access Your Data with Aparavi’s Open Data API [White Paper]

Our wonderful product team recently created a white paper about our open data access API, and the feedback so far has focused on how organizations make so-called “secondary use” of their archived and historical data. This includes business analytics, e-discovery or other governance/compliance needs, artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms – all these depend on access to both old and new data.

Using business data to study trends, gain insight, and make decisions is a fairly new use for old data. For example, financial services firms perform market simulations to make predictions and investment recommendations to their clients. Retailers are using historical data to create pricing strategies so they stay competitive. Media companies are analyzing data to refine their advertising platforms and show each individual user the content they’re most likely to want. (Dog videos are big around here.)

The a-ha moment often is – I quote our founder and chairman – “we do not know exactly what we’ll do tomorrow with data that we retain today.” In 15 years, we don’t know what those secondary uses for our archived files will be, but we’re pretty sure we’re still going to need them.

In our new white paper we explain exactly how and why Aparavi Active Archive keeps data accessible forever – for recovery purposes, of course, but perhaps more importantly because this data is an asset for future use. And we talk about why the backup apps you used in the past won’t help you today or tomorrow when it comes to those future uses. Anyone archiving data to a cloud, which is everyone, needs to pay particular attention to maintaining secure and managed access to data whenever they want it, from any application.

Check out the paper here and see how Aparavi ensures it’s always YOUR data.

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