HIPAA Compliance and Healthcare Classification Policies: Time for a Check Up

HIPAA compliance is becoming increasingly problematic, because patient healthcare data is the most sought after by hackers, and it is the most vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. According to the Ponemon Institute, 54% of healthcare vendors have experienced at least one data breach exposing their protected patient data. Of those who had experienced a breach, 41% had experienced 6+ data breaches over the past two years. Most alarmingly, an average healthcare data breach costs $2.75 million (more than any other industry) and exposes nearly 10,000 records.

With 140+ pre-defined classification policies, Aparavi will find any unstructured data file in your organization that may be subject to HIPAA, or other regulations that your organization is subject to. In addition, you can easily locate specific files by searching patient name, ICD-10 code, medical record number, social security number, insurance policy, data containing COVID content, and much more.

Aparavi, The Data Intelligence & Automation Platform is here to help you:

  1. Protect your patients’ confidential and private information
  2. Comply with healthcare regulations like HIPAA
  3. Avoid serious fines and penalties

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