Knowing Your Data is Half The Battle

Why data management processes are so difficult today?

Data chaos is running rampant in the enterprise today. Data is everywhere, SAN, NAS, Local, DAS, Cloud storage, collaboration tools – the list goes on. The practice of proper data management is complicated by this massive amount of data sprawl.

If you compound this data sprawl with the lack of knowledge about the data, well the problems are now almost insurmountable to overcome. Therefore “Knowing Your Data Is Half the Battle”. Understanding the data landscape has always been a challenge, however, when you tally up the total data set that's being managed by the average enterprise today, this total is well over 400 terabytes of data.

Breaking down how much 400 terabytes is equivalent to 24000 stacks of documents as high as the Eiffel tower, or 8000 high-definition blue Ray films. This amount of data is impossible for humans to manage. There are an estimated 1 million files per terabyte of data, meaning the typical enterprise organization now stores, protects, governs, and manages over 400 million data files within their enterprise data stores. This is the mere definition of data chaos.

In this episode Darryl Richardson, Chief Platform Evangelist walks through the four pillars of data management and how knowing your data is the key to efficiency across each pillar of the data management process.