Removing Roadblocks to Collections to Expedite eDiscovery & Reduce Costs

Data collections and processing is a major bottleneck for eDiscovery services companies and law firms, because it can waste time and money on gathering all potentially relevant data, uploading it, processing it, and then reviewing it in an eDiscovery platform to cull the data down to the most relevant data set–sometimes only 1% of the initial data set! So what was the other 99%? It consists of files that were irrelevant to the case, but met the parameters of the information request (in terms of date range, custodian, or other factor).

The process of Pre-Collection can save organizations thousands of dollars in legal document review, however, because it reverses the process. Instead of collecting all potentially relevant data and reviewing it in the eDiscovery platform, Pre-Collection allows you to narrow down the data set at the beginning of the case, without even moving the data! With Pre-Collection, Aparavi removes roadblocks to data access and reduces time to insights, so you can start reviewing the case sooner and smarter.

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