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Automate data governance, improve data management, deliver breakthrough economics and performance with Wasabi and Aparavi

Elevate data insights with rapid, accurate data discovery, by automating Due Diligence and Data Management—before, during, and after M&A.

GRC Solution Brief

Discover and classify data to automate governance and retention policies, demonstrate compliance, reduce risks and mitigate the impact of data breaches.

Data privacy and compliance best practices

Which data privacy laws apply to your organization? How can you prepare for eDiscovery and information requests? And how does Aparavi help with governance and compliance? Download our best-practices guide to data privacy and compliance.

Top Reasons Discovery & Classification

Ten ways the Aparavi Platform is the right choice for your discovery and automated classification needs. Reveal hidden data, understand complex content, and automate data governance.

Discovery and automated classification

Reveal all data assets, comprehend your data, automate governance, and improve data management with The Aparavi Platform for discovery and classification. View or download our solution brief to learn more.

Automated Data Governance and Compliance

Ten ways The Aparavi Platform can help you automate data governance and compliance. Reduce human error, deliver relevant data faster, and take comfort that you are in control​.

Aparavi, The Platform solution brief

Aparavi, the Platform, provides data intelligence and automation that empowers organizations to truly control and exploit their data without complexity. It is the path to controlling costs, reducing risk, and gaining insight for data-driven companies. View or download our solution brief to learn how.

Why Aparavi, The Platform

Eight reasons to choose Aparavi’s Data Intelligence & Automation Platform for classifying, protecting, and optimizing your data for business advantage.

Surprisingly, most data protection solutions, while they may support cloud storage, actually deliver very little value as a result. Cloud storage can undoubtedly be a valuable complement to the backup infrastructure, but only if the backup software is architected in a way that it can take full advantage of it.

Unstructured data management for the cloud era

As unstructured data grows, new challenges have arisen around keeping data safe and maintaining control over it. In Unstructured Data Management for the Cloud Era, GigaOm explores different approaches to unstructured data management, index, search, and metadata augmentation, security and compliance, data and metadata management, how data management helps to improve business and infrastructure processes, cloud vs. on-premises solutions, and more.

Solutions Brief: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Adoption

Cloud storage has become an integral part of an effective storage strategy to improve backup, DR, and centralized file storage for archival and collaboration. But users still face serious challenges deploying the cloud due to complexity of connecting on-premises file storage with cloud, potential for vendor lock-in, file security challenges, and hidden costs. Explore how Aparavi’s intelligent data management simplifies multi-cloud adoption.

Core82 Aparavi Case Study

When one of its customers – a smart, well-managed finance company with no tolerance for things going wrong – sought out a solution to help ensure that its business-critical data was immutable for a required period of time, Core82 looked for a solution that would help its customer absolutely, positively ensure the security of their financial information. Aparavi became a key component to Core82’s data leakage prevention process while offering additional features the organization can continue to leverage for other clients.

Unstructured data has always been a sore spot for the data protection process. The growth in the number of files that make up unstructured data sets and the capacity that they consume now threatens to break the data protection model completely. Considering that every indicator suggests the growth in the unstructured data will not only continue but also accelerate IT needs a new strategy so it can stay ahead of the problem.

Many IT Planners look at the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a distinctly European problem. The reality is the GDPR and regulations like it, impact businesses around the world. GDPR impacts any business that does business in the EU, and many countries are adopting legislation that is very similar to this regulation. In the US for example, California recently passed the Consumer Privacy Act, which has much in common with GDPR.

Aparavi Compatibility Guide

Aparavi software is available for installation on a wide variety of Linux distributions and all the latest Windows operating systems. Download the Compatibility Guide below for additional details.