The Aparavi Video and Podcasts Library

Empowering Digital Transformation with Data Management

Aparavi and GigaOm recently co-presented a webinar on how the right data management practices and intelligent archives boost the value of data.

Aparavi’s Intelligent Multi-Cloud Data Management Tool Explained

Aparavi was designed to meet the challenges of unstructured data with intelligent multi-cloud data management that organizes, retains, and makes data readily accessible.

Aparavi’s Data Management Software: Overview Demonstration

Our 13-minute demo video introduces Aparavi’s intelligent multi-cloud data management software functionality, including full-text search and classification.

Myth: I’ll Just Use Backups for E-Discovery—BUSTED!

Think backups will have you covered if you need to recover your data for legal or compliance purposes? Think again! This webinar with TruthinIT explains why.

Myth: Backups Are All I Need for Data Archives—BUSTED!

Where do backups and old school archiving of formatted records (structured data) fall short in today’s big data world? Mike Matchett interviews Aparavi’s Rod Christensen.

Talking GDPR and CCPA with Storage Switzerland

Regulations like the EU’s GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are requiring organizations to rethink their data. We discuss how in this webinar.

Data Management vs. GDPR: Solving the Right to Be Forgotten Problem

GDPR has dramatically shifted the way we should be thinking about data management. The Right to Be Forgotten poses an interesting challenge for your data archives and backups.

The Challenges of Unstructured Data Management

A conversation about the challenges of managing unstructured data with Aparavi and Small World Big Data.

The Three New Requirements of Unstructured Data Protection

In this webinar, George and Jon discuss the new problems caused by growth in unstructured data and why it needs new solutions.

Cloud Data Retention in a Multi-Cloud World

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Paolo Del Nibletto about the issues facing IT service providers in a multi-cloud world. Listen here.

The New Era of File Backup: Optimizing Your Unstructured Data Management

Industry analyst Mike Matchett from Truth In IT interviews CTO Rod Christensen on Aparavi’s secret sauce.

Unstructured Data Gets Handled with Aparavi

Massive unstructured data growth is presenting a huge challenge for protection, retention, and archive. See how Aparavi solves this problem.

Unstructured Data Protection Needs a New Architecture

Unstructured data has changed dramatically over the past decade. It is not only bigger in terms of capacity, but also in terms of quantity.

What’s Your Strategy for Unstructured Data Protection?

The capacity requirements of unstructured data continue to grow at an alarming rate and the rate of growth is only going to get worse.

Poor Billy Simply Can’t Hold in All that Data

Watch this fun video to see what happens when Tommy drinks all of his big brother’s big data cola and has a retention problem as a result.

Let’s Take a Walk Through Aparavi Simulation Mode

Learn how our Simulation Mode can assist in learning how Aparavi works, without impacting your existing environments workload.