Automate Compliance and Data Privacy

Know your data to reduce risks, discover relevant data faster, reduce costs, and take comfort that you are in control.

Simplify Compliance with Automation

Automate data governance rules, quickly find the data you need to respond to information requests or DSARs, and avoid data breaches and fines.

Find What You Need When You Need It

  • Improve data search time by 300%
  • Connect all data repositories in one data lake to eliminated data silos
  • Generate powerful smart reports with the simple query builder
  • Easily find data to respond to DSARs and other information requests

Reduce Response Time and Costs

  • Increase information insights by 80%
  • Improve productivity and collaboration
  • Reduce costs by 50-60%
  • Ensure fewer false negatives and false positives
  • Minimize the impact of data breaches

Seamless Cloud-Based Platform

  • Capture, manage, and deliver content with a single platform
  • Custom-tailored search engine for your unstructured data
  • Protect yourself from security risks by reading existing data without moving or making copies

Avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Our cloud-based platform finds, automates, governs, and consolidates distributed data. We ensure secure access for modern data demands of analytics, machine learning, and collaboration, while connecting business and IT to transform data into a competitive asset.

  • Automate defensible deletion, copy or movement of files based on data governance or compliance policies
  • Ensure compliance with a platform that stays up-to-date with new or modified regulations
  • Use 140+ industry-specific, pre-defined classification policies
  • Find high risk information that may be exposed to unrestricted access
Up to €20M
Equivalent to $22.2M USD, or 4% of annual revenue
Up to $1.5M
Maximum penalty per year. Up to $50,000 per violation
actual or punitive damages, $100 to $1,000 in statutory damages
Up to $43,280
Per violation
$2,500 to $7,500
per violation, per user
$5,000 to $100K / mth
until merchant achieves compliance

No Law Degree Required

End users no longer need to create and manage their own classification policies. This removes human error and dramatically reduces time to comply by making it easy to find the right data, wherever it lives, and act.

50% reduction of data collection time
80% increase in information insights
40% complexity reduction