Automate Data ​Compliance​

Reduce human error, deliver relevant data faster, and take comfort that you are in control​.

It Can Be Simple & Low Cost Unlike Legacy Technology Stacks

Enterprise data is growing at an unsustainable rate. New global regulations, especially data privacy are regularly introduced, existing ones are expanded, and data locations continue to sprawl out of control. Aparavi puts you in control of your data with efficient data lifecycle management.

Aparavi data governance & compliance

Identify Your Data

Data visibility is the first step in taking control of compliance demands. Understanding the data and its age, owners, type, size, and other metadata helps you know where your storage consumption and stale data are and identify and eliminate ROT and no-longer-needed data types.

Platform Capabilities for Simplifying Data Governance​

Discover data & automate classification

Find Data Everywhere

New data requests like FOIA requests and SARs are always popping up. Finding data across multiple sources is time consuming and prone to human error, and regulatory demands have no tolerance for errors or bad data. Ease of use and the ability to use rich search filters in one simple user interface are fundamental. Find data easily across any NAS, SAN, or endpoint with Aparavi’s metadata queries and file content search. This significantly reduces the amount of time spent searching multiple locations one by one.

See All the Data

A request is not complete unless you can see all the data a file contains. This includes all metadata and the full context of the file. With The Platform’s superior data-finding capabilities, you can locate any part of a file. Machine learning, data science, and AI applications can efficiently mine the Aparavi Data Lake for useful data collection. Aparavi’s data collection adds more than 70 metadata fields and includes the full content of a file, allowing you to find that elusive information.

Classification policies

No Law Degree Required, 140+ Classification Policies and 800+ Patterns to Easily Find & Classify

Intelligent classification and automation of all managed unstructured content, with 140+ industry-specific, pre-defined classification policies and 800+ different global patterns, define Aparavi’s classification engine. Whether you are in a vertical like finance or healthcare or have to comply with international regulations like GDPR, Aparavi has a policy that can help you identify and streamline the collection of sensitive data types. End users no longer need to create and manage their own classification policies. This removes human error and dramatically reduces time to comply by making it easy to find the right data, wherever it lives, and act.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Data Analytics & Reporting

Reporting on the enterprise dataset has never been easier. With The Platform, you can collect thousands of different reports based on the intelligence you and your company need. An easy-to-use report query builder takes all the collected data fields and generates any number of smart reports.

Create New Applications & Information Insight

Move or Copy Data by Policy

Actionable intelligence allows admins to move, copy, or delete at the source. Admins can store data where they choose, such as in a protected non-tamperable storage location, for long-term retention or further data analytics. The Platform integrates directly with all major third-party cloud storage providers, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and any other S3-compatible provider. If there is a need to protect your sensitive data, then any S3 compatible on-premises storage can also be a destination. This ensures customers have a choice in integrating with current data infrastructure and have flexibility in growth.

Smart & Compliant Data Retention

Smart & Compliant Data Retention

A unique set of data retention policies puts you in control of your data compliance and is key to compliance planning. The policy must be customizable to your organization’s compliance needs and records schedule. Long-term retention and defensible deletion allow your organization to comply with any policy. Our smart policy feature uses policy settings like data age, user, classification, file type, or a combination of settings so you can plan your long-term retention strategy.

Legal data collections


Easy user search across any NAS, servers, and endpoints without requiring end user interaction

Complexity Reduction


Typically 3 to 4 products are required to find, classify, and move/copy data, without easy access. With Aparavi, one platform captures, manages, retains, and delivers content.

Information insights


Accelerate time-to-insight with a simple Boolean search of both metadata and full content across endpoints, NAS, and cloud storage


Data privacy and compliance best practices

Ready to step up your data governance and compliance game? Download our e-book, Data Privacy and Compliance: Are You Ready for an Influx of Information Requests?, for our best practices and insights.