Cloud Migration: First, Know Your Data

Aparavi gives you the instant data visibility you need to accelerate your cloud data migration projects without complexity

Accelerate timelines, cut costs, limit risk.

A whole industry has built up around cloud migration - moving data and applications to the cloud with consulting services and specialized software and social media feeds. And, the vendors all say that the first step in the data migration aspect of the project is to know your data. But what the blogs, and tweets, and consultants tend to leave out is the "how" to know your data. The Aparavi Intelligence and Automation Platform provides the how, augmenting your cloud data migration strategy for a smoother, shorter, lower risk and lower cost project.

Move Only What You Need to Move

Moving less data takes less of your time and cuts your migration budget, so why migrate trash? Up to 60% of your unstructured data is redundant, outdated, or trivial. The Aparavi platform can tell you about the age of your files, it can find duplicates, it can even look inside to identify and tag files containing (or not containing) keywords or phrases. All to ensure you move only the files you need to move.

  • Limit your cloud migration to only productive data
  • Cut your data volume to crush your schedule and budget for data migration
  • Trim your data footprint before you bring in the specialists

Audit Data with Intelligence

Identify and evaluate unstructured data with 140+ pre-defined classifications. Rapidly build custom policies to meet organization-specific requirements, and reduce human error while you find and classify your data.

  • Discover intellectual property, classified files, and high-value proprietary information
  • Reduce compliance risk by identifying high-risk data types like personal or sensitive information
  • Ensure proper access and retention for sensitive files before, during, and post migration

Augment Your Existing Data Migration Process

Storage vendors and cloud data migration service providers have potent tools to move data, but you need to provide the intelligence about what to move and where to put it. Aparavi cloud data migration tools replace painful manual processes and limited metadata sorting with intelligence and automation.

Classify and organize your files with The Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation Platform, then export the results to your existing file transfer tools to meet cloud data migration challenges and complete the project. Or, use Aparavi Data Actions to move the data when that meets your requirements.

40% of your data is not needed
How much data can you delete?
Number of employees



∅ Data volume of a company of your size
Data no longer required
* The values ​​given are average values ​​that are based on various independent studies and partly on estimates and which can vary greatly in individual cases.