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Get the instant data visibility needed to accelerate cloud migration projects and reduce costs, complexities, and risks.
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Move Only What You Need to Move

Anywhere from 25 to 80% of your unstructured data is likely redundant, outdated or trivial (ROT). Knowing the difference between structured vs unstructured data is critical to the success of your organization. The Aparavi Platform can tell you the age of your files, find duplicates, and enable you to identify and tag files containing keywords or phrases ─ all to help ensure you move only useful data.
Identify and remove ROT data
Shorten the migration process and reduce risks
Reduce storage footprint and costs

Organize What You Have

Assess, categorize, and organize your unstructured data to facilitate smarter storage decisions, help meet compliance requirements, solve your data silo problem, and enhance data security.
Use any of 140+ pre-defined classifications or create your own.
Discover intellectual property, classified files, and high-value proprietary information.
Reduce compliance risk by identifying high-risk data types like personal or sensitive information.
Ensure proper access and retention for sensitive files before, during, and post migration.

Optimize Your Migration

Regardless of the cloud migration solutions  or tools you use, the Aparavi Platform provides valuable data insights to optimize the migration process. Take advantage of easy-to-use features to determine what should be moved – and where– and what can be deleted. Read our blog on what data intelligence is to learn more.
Reduce the amount of data to move and store.
Ensure your data’s security along the way and once in the target environment.
Facilitate smarter data storage decisions and a quicker, more successful migration.
40% of your data is not needed

How much data can you delete?

Number of employees



∅ Data volume of a company of your size
Data no longer required

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