Intelligent cloud backups

Data-Aware Cloud Backup with Aparavi File Protect & Insight

Protect Your Files and Gain Insights with Aparavi’s Simple, Secure, Intelligent Backup Solution

Stop using legacy cloud backup software that is complex and expensive. Replace it with Aparavi File Protect & Insight, offering automated file protection and data insights with file and content search.

Data Awareness

Data Awareness

Data classification

Metadata aggregation

Policy driven workflows

Global security

Global Security

Role-based permissions

Encryption both in-flight and at rest

File versioning

Data access search

Data Search and Access

Anywhere/anytime file access

Seamless cloud integration

Full-content search

Backup modernized

Backup modernized and simplified

  • Choice: Connect to any one or more clouds of your choice
  • Insight: Know what you’re moving to the cloud with Data Awareness
  • Access: Ensure you find it when you need it wherever it is
  • Security: Secure it both in motion and at rest
  • Agility: Move data anywhere as needed with no vendor lock-in

Challenges of Traditional Cloud Backup

  • Backup is complex and not designed for multi-cloud
  • Backup does not provide file, content or metadata search
  • No global file view across heterogeneous environments
  • Vendor lock-in
  • Limitations with version controls and copy management

Only Aparavi FPI Both Protection and Insight

  • Data Awareness: View, access, and full-content search your files regardless of their location
  • On-prem and multi-cloud: Connect with files on premises and with public cloud services
  • Policy-driven copy management: Create one or more copies on-premises, in the cloud, or both, for policy-driven copy management
  • Maximum security: Ensure that your data is always protected with file encryption, both in-motion and at-rest
  • Storage optimization: Optimize data storage with compression and deduplication

Solutions Brief: Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Adoption

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What is Aparavi File Protect & Insight?

Aparavi FPI simplifies file backup and data protection while delivering intelligent data management across cloud(s). Files are seamlessly copied and can be classified, extracting rich metadata and even file content that can be globally searched.

Aparavi FPI manages versioning, deduplication and file retention to maximize cost optimization. Files are always protected both in-motion and at-rest with encryption and with a secure permissions-based framework, Aparavi FPI ensures that you can always access your data with no cloud or vendor lock-in.

Aparavi FPI is perfect for compliance, audit, historical reference, fraud prevention, and data protection.

Market Report: Unstructured Data Management for the Cloud Era

by GigaOm Analyst Enrico Signoretti

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Cloud File Backup as Simple as 1-2-3

Cloud file backup

E-Book: Modernizing Unstructured Data Protection and Management

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File Retrieval from Cloud as Simple as 1-2-3

Cloud file retrieval

Save on storage and migration costs

Cloud Active Data Pruning

Storage and cloud mobility

Multi-Cloud Agile Retention

Data re-use for analysis and insight

Advanced Data Classification

No software or cloud lock-in

True Open Data Format

“The business driver for this was to absolutely, positively ensure that we had immutable data for the time required. If the primary WORM archive were to go offline, we have Aparavi.”

Jonathan Schwam – CEO, Core82