Data Classification

Organize your data to more quickly derive value from it.
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Categorize Data

Use the Aparavi Platform’s classification, indexing and tagging features to organize your data by relevant categories so it can be located, protected, and used more efficiently ─ and its management simplified. Take advantage of these features to:

Control Data Access and Use

Segment data according to specific business requirements or needs, such as classifying data as regulated or unregulated, by sensitivity levels, or prioritized for business continuity/ disaster recovery purposes. Reduce data risk by controlling data access as appropriate.

Protect Sensitive Data

Expose personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, classified files,  proprietary information, and other sensitive data so it can be secured and moved, if required, to safer locations.

Accelerate Data Searches

Tag files, including with multiple classifications if they meet more than one classification policy, to facilitate faster, more versatile searching and boost employee productivity. You can also create complex queries to quickly drill deeper for desired insights and information.

Streamline Data Governance

Automate data governance with ready-to-use classifications policies that automatically detect data that matches regional, legislative, industry, privacy, or other compliance requirements. Or, build custom policies to meet organization-specific requirements.

Data Classification in Action

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Identify dark data,  ROT data, sensitive data and data outside required SLAs
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