Data Identification

Locate your unstructured data regardless of location.
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Discover and Identify Your Data

Find data created by remote or mobile workforces, core data maintained on-premises and at collocated data centers, and data residing in public clouds.  The Aparavi Platform enables you to locate and assess your unstructured data, so you can make more informed decisions regarding next steps. Identify files by:
Data Location
Data Owners
Last Accessed Date
Extension Type
Creation Date

Conduct an Initial Assessment

The Aparavi Quick Start Data Assessment provides a fast, high-level view of data across  repositories. Use it to:​

Reveal Dark Data

Uncover data that’s unknown, unused,  and untapped.

Identify Unnecessary Data

Specify redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data that can be deleted, reducing storage footprints and costs by an average of 40%​.

Mitigate Risks

Pinpoint and take action on data outside of required SLAs to mitigate risks.

Gain Critical Insights

Guide data management next steps, such as data cleansing and data movement, to ensure better quality data and more cost-effective storage.

Create a Single Source of Truth

Eliminate data silos and present a customizable single dashboard of all your data.

Data Identification in Action

Watch our three-minute demos to see the power and simplicity of The Platform. The next step is to install The Platform and use on your own data sets ─ without disruption or complexity.
Spin up a trial in minutes.
Locate unstructured data wherever it exists
Identify dark data,  ROT data, sensitive data and data outside required SLAs
Plan your next steps for managing your data

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