Data Movement

Move Your Data Where It Belongs.
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Experience Freedom of Movement

Take advantage of the vendor-agnostic Aparavi Platform to automatically or manually move your data where it will best meet your needs: from distributed sources to a central location, between different storage systems, from any on-premises storage to  cloud storage, or between any  clouds.

Leverage Cloud Tiering

Reduce costs by offloading (archiving) less frequently used data - cold data -  from expensive on-premises file storage or NAS to cheaper levels of cloud storage, such as Amazon S3 or S3-compatible object storage. Then easily move it to a different storage tier or system when you want to operate on it and need performance.

Implement Smart Data Storage

Securely move data to the optimal storage targets based on business needs and requirements, such as data retention, machine learning applications, and analytics.

Make Smart Compliant Moves

Intelligently copy or move data based on advanced lifecycle or regulatory policies; ensure data is completely traceable across the entire landscape to help meet compliance requirements.

Optimize Data Migrations

Reduce schedules, costs, risks and the complexities associated with moving by ensuring only useful datasets are moved through our automated cloud migration. The Aparavi AI Platform provides a seamless process for your cloud data migration. The Aparavi Intelligence and Automation Platform provides the how, augmenting your cloud data migration strategy for a smoother, shorter, lower risk and lower cost project allowing for a smoother, shorter, lower risk experience.

Data Identification in Action

Watch our three-minute demos to see the power and simplicity of The Platform. The next step is to install The Platform and use on your own data sets ─ without disruption or complexity.
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Locate unstructured data wherever it exists
Identify dark data,  ROT data, sensitive data and data outside required SLAs
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