Data Optimization

Do more with your unstructured data with smarter data management.
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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Once you know more about your data ─ down to the metadata level, use the Aparavi Platform to better control that data, while putting it to work. Make informed, verified decisions. Optimize data lifecycle management. Drive greater productivity and cost savings.

Minimize Storage Footprint

Use The Platform's capabilities to identify and delete unnecessary data to reduce data storage requirements and costs - up to 40%, migration costs, and expenses such as egress fees.

Leverage Automation

Develop policy-based, automated data actions to increase efficiencies, reduce employee workloads,  lower the risk of human errors and help streamline data management.

Simplify Privacy and Data Compliance

Automate data governance rules and predefined searches for regular compliance checks, quickly find the data you need to respond to information requests or DSARs, and avoid data breaches and fines.

Ensure Appropriate Access

Give your teams complete insight into content and metadata without disturbing the original sources, while ensuring the right departments ─ and the right people ─ have access to the right information.

Create Better Data Sets

Reduce the time-to-insight and accelerate analytics projects with higher quality data sets that are free of ROT data and have undergone data cleansing.

Data Optimization in Action

Watch our three-minute demos to see the power and simplicity of The Platform. The next step is to install The Platform and use on your own data sets ─ without disruption or complexity.
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Locate unstructured data wherever it exists
Identify dark data,  ROT data, sensitive data and data outside required SLAs
Plan your next steps for managing your data

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