Intelligent Data Privacy

Are you ready for an influx of information requests? Take control of data privacy and compliance with Aparavi.

Stay On Top of CCPA and GDPR Subject Access Requests

The Aparavi Platform makes data privacy management easy. Save time complying with data privacy regulations, find the information you need to respond to information requests, and avoid data breaches and fines.

Platform Capabilities for Data Privacy Management

Reveal Hidden Data

Reduce Response Time & Costs with Automation

  • Improve search time by 300% for finding and using data
  • Reduce costs by 50-60%
  • Avoid human error
  • Ensure fewer false negatives and false positives
  • Spend your time doing more meaningful work by automating administrative tasks
Classification policies

Find What You Need When You Need It, Across Any Location

  • Increase information insights by 80%
  • Connect all data repositories in one searchable data lake
  • Search 70+ metadata fields
  • Improve compliance with 140+ industry-specific, pre-defined classification policies
  • Utilize 800+ different global patterns
  • Generate powerful smart reports with an easy-to-use report query builder
Discover data & automate classification

Seamless, Cloud-Based Platform

  • Ensure data compliance with a platform that is automatically updated with new or modified regulations
  • Perform laser-focused searches
  • Find what you need easily, like a custom-tailored search engine for your unstructured data
  • Capture, manage, retain, and deliver content in one single open platform
  • Reduce complexity by avoiding multiple software solutions
  • Protect yourself from security risks by reading existing data, not moving or making copies

Fines for Noncompliance

Data Privacy Noncompliance Fines
Data privacy and compliance best practices

Ready to step up your data governance and compliance game? Download our e-book, Data Privacy and Compliance: Are You Ready for an Influx of Information Requests?  to learn about data privacy best practices and insights.

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