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We partner with leaders in data management services and together we empower our customers to truly know their data and be able to make decisions to mitigate risk, reduce cost and exploit data value.
Take the effort out of managing data with leading data service providers.
Together with our partners, we address some of the largest challenges in managing terabytes to petabytes of data by injecting data intelligence and automation into combined solutions for our mutual customers.
Defensible Disposal of Data

Put enterprise data to work to eliminate risks, control costs and create new value.  Customers work with our service providers to effortlessly gain instant visibility and knowledge of distributed data. Service providers will automate the identification, tagging and the defensible disposal of data resulting in:

  • 15-60% reduction in data footprint
  • 40% cost savings across primary and secondary data infrastructure
  • Improved performance of primary applications
  • Mitigation of data risks, cybersecurity incidents, and litigation costs
Steve Horan, CEO & Co-Founder at Modus
“The Aparavi Platform is helping our clients automate data management and control exponential licensing and infrastructure costs as their data grows....We constantly need to know the significance and relevance of the information we manage.”
Managed Security

Know your data risks and identify threats to proactively prevent attacks and data leakage. Data security experts leverage the Aparavi platform to:

  • Quickly identify mission critical and sensitive data
  • Move that data to a more secure location
  • Fix any vulnerabilities that could give a bad actor access to the data
Kelly Hammons, CEO of Secutor
"With Aparavi’s Platform, we’re transforming services to provide clients an even more holistic view of their data, where it lives and what they’re storing, further reducing risk throughout their infrastructure."
Data Breach Mitigation

Have you recently experienced a data breach? Quickly find high risk information and take action to control access, protect enterprise data and mitigate the impact of a data breach. Cybersecurity partners use Aparavi to quickly:

  • Scan affected files to understand which files may have been compromised
  • Take action to mitigate their clients’ liability and 
  • Protect the enterprise from future cybersecurity risk
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M&A Integration

Any merger or acquisition of a company requires immense effort to go from a paper plan to reality with massive amounts of different data and data infrastructure.  Avoid the headaches that tend to come during data integration and restructuring for synergies.  Service partner experts in M&A data integration help with:

  • Simplify due diligence with automation
  • Accelerate data migration and integration
  • Build a strong foundation for data management practices
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Data Governance

Governance, Risk & Compliance is becoming increasingly complex, because companies must keep track of their regulatory obligations in different countries and across all business units. Service providers ensure your organization is perpetually compliant.

  • Automate compliance protocols across enterprise data
  • Continuously scan the data for new risks
  • Set up processes to quickly respond to information requests or DSARs

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eDiscovery Pre-Collection

Find data at the source pre-collection, without data movement, to easily and quickly cull the data, reduce it to the most relevant data set, and export it into the eDiscovery review platform of choice.

  • 50% faster eDiscovery pre-collection and collections time
  • 60% cost savings for data processing, hosting and document review
  • Simpler and more accurate review than manual methods
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Marco Nasca, Chief Innovation Officer at Lineal
"Lineal has worked closely with Aparavi to construct a solution that combines Aparavi’s world-class technology while leveraging the fullest extent of our expansive AI solutions and global professional services team."
After months of carefully analyzing the market and vetting countless technologies, it became evident that there was no better platform solution or company to partner with than Aparavi.
Marco Nasca, Chief Innovation Officer, Lineal Services
With Aparavi's Platform, we're transforming services to provide clients an even more holistic view of their data, where it lives and what they're storing, further reducing risk throughout their infrastructure.
Kelly Hammons, CEO, Secutor
In areas of regulatory compliance, security, and protection, Aparavi delivers critical data insight that reduces risk and improves our customers' ability to manage threats such as data leakage.
Steven Horan, Chairman and CEO, Modus eDiscovery
The real value of Aparavi is it allows cloud archiving to be feasible and cost effective.
Bob Youngquist - AMPD GameTech
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