Dark Data Detection and Classification​

Discover high value assets and data risks, eliminate data silos and give your company data efficiency and a real competitive advantage

What is Dark & ROT Data?

Dark data is all the unknown and unused across your organization. Without visibility into dark data, your organization cannot locate potential data risks or harness the true potential of its data.

According to IDC, companies only analyze 10% of the data that they collect. Hidden dark data creates data silos, increases the risks of a data breach, and limits business insights.

Get to Know Your Data

The unrelenting growth of data presents significant challenges and missed opportunities for organizations. By revealing hidden data, eliminating data silos, and reducing data risks, Aparavi empowers organizations to put their data to work to create a true competitive advantage.

Platform Capabilities

Reveal Hidden Data

Reveal Hidden Data

The Aparavi Platform indexes your company’s dark data, so you can find what you need when you need it across any location (edge, core or cloud), all from a single user interface. The Platform harnesses contextually aware indexing, intelligent data pattern detection, and advanced deep searching to create a single source of truth for your unstructured data. By leveraging our pre-defined Smart Classification Policies, you can get a high-level visual overview of your company’s data, or create complex queries to drill into the dark data and high value assets. 

Discover data & automate classification

Eliminate Data Silos

Improve data management for information stewardship, data analysis, content migration, and more. Many different departments need access to data, but most employees do not have the full picture, hampering their ability to derive insights and make decisions. Learn more about your organization’s data by viewing its content and metadata, without disturbing original sources, to improve data quality, increase employee productivity and enable cross-departmental collaboration. By enabling access to data, employees can create meaningful and actionable insights, giving your company a true competitive advantage.

Classification policies

Mitigate Data Risks

If you don’t know what you have, then how can you adequately protect it? Unknown dark data creates cybersecurity risks and potential liability. Aparavi’s pre-defined Smart Classification Policies allow you to find high risk information (e.g. intellectual property or personally identifiable information) that may be exposed to unrestricted access, take action to protect that data and proactively mitigate the impact of a data breach. Need to find high value assets for an audit or investigation? Aparavi helps you quickly find the information the you need to demonstrate compliance, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.