Discovery & Automated Classification​

Reveal hidden data, understand complex content, and automate data governance.

Derive More Value from Your Data

The Aparavi Data Intelligence & Automation Platform finds data at the edge, core, and cloud. This helps organizations generate new insights and better intelligence.

Get to Know Your Data

The unrelenting growth of data presents significant challenges and opportunities for organizations. Revealing hidden data, understanding complex content, and automating data governance empowers organizations to gain competitive advantages and mitigate compliance risks.

Platform Capabilities for Discovery & Automated Classification

Reveal Hidden Data

Reveal Hidden Data

Data is spreading everywhere, whether planned or not. The Aparavi Data Intelligence & Automation Platform makes it simple to find all of your organization’s data, regardless of the location where it is stored. This includes edge data created by remote or mobile workforces, core data maintained on-premises and at collocated data centers, and cloud data residing on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and elsewhere. The Aparavi Platform uses contextually aware indexing to distill its content, intelligent data pattern detection to create metadata, and advanced deep searching to reveal every data item.

Discover data & automate classification

Understand Complex Content

Learn more about your organization’s data by viewing its content and metadata, without disturbing original sources. With the Aparavi Data Intelligence & Automation Platform, your organization can more fully understand the usefulness of its data. The Aparavi Platform’s discovery and automated classification quickly and easily knows what data exists and why it is relevant. It also generates organization-wide centralized views including new insights, better intelligence, and more metadata from your past, present, and future data.

Automate Data Governance

Automate Data Governance

Improve data management for information stewardship, data analysis, content migration, and more. The Aparavi Data Intelligence & Automation Platform automates data governance using ready-to-use Aparavi Smart Classification Policies. They are designed and maintained by industry experts to automatically detect data matching regional, legislative, industry, privacy, or other compliance requirements. You can also rapidly build custom policies to meet organization-specific requirements using the Aparavi drag-and-drop visual editor with pre-defined Smart Policy Elements.